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hehe Illiteracy is a global problem, not just in Ktalk

I have always seen a business opportunity in these translation fails. Unapata SQny poa sana, but when you read the manual, you are like wtf!

If someone learns Chinese and set up a company to specifically edit branding fails…

English tutoring is big business in the Far East

But again they can do this…

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…and this

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They don’t give a ferk about English. Time we did too, but I guess we are stuck too deep in.

Hehe, hizi za SQNY ni ma knockoff. Back in the day when HELB loans came out 1st stop ilikuwa Luthuli Avenue to buy electronics. Guys would show up with all manner of brands, Phillibs, CASIQ, Pansoanic. Chinese enterprise.

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My roomate once bought a music system branded AWAI

haha translation ni kazi