Some people have been referring me as ‘shemale’. Issit same as transgender?
This question is only meant for Senior villagers (like me) and Njuri ncheke. New villagers tafuteni nafasi ndio muitwe villagers atleast muongee msikiwe na wazee

yes you are a shemale unless you can prove otherwise…you know the drill.

Ignore Ignore Ignore…tht is the key to defeating social media bullies. The more u show them yr concerned/ affected the more they get the bravado to attack.

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Coming from you… The rapture is here with us. Gotta repent


Ushaskia nikiita mtu hapa shemale or gay? sema tuu ukweli Deorro…

Am also a victim of this bullying, but I learnt to ignore.

aviator you are a shemale.
i cunt remember if it was you impersonating me


Aki Jay kwani wamehack account yako?


I watch shemale PORN

I like the way they come with all manner of arsenal, it excites me

It wasn’t me. And tell me, why would a shemale impersonate you? Are you a shemale too?

yes i am the queen of shemales.

B*TCH priissss… blue handle, female talk… Shemale kabisa. logic not bullying


Brush it off don’t prove that you are a female,with time watazoea,and by the way extremely thick skin is a must for ladies in this village,ask supu,Lola na msuper.

Halafu anajiongelesha kwa hii thread. Aviator = Carbon


your threads are soo questionable.

Man, that’s a kid on your avatar.

the way you are after revealing mambo ya @Supu don n posting her pics

aviator you see now.
i had retired from pretending to be a female but haidhuru.

Where is the impersonation?