Transgender Athletes, is it a business?

[SIZE=5]You know blacks love shortcuts. :smiley:

Some of these stories don’t look genuine. Realistically a black dad would beat the ga.yness out of your blood stream but akiona a chance to make millions, why not?!

Ona vile huyu mbuyu anajifanya to support transgender rights. He can already taste the money. He reminds me of MJs dad or the William’s sisters aggressive father or Tiger Wood’s mzee or Beyonce’s dad… etc etc.


@uwesmake we know that you love MMA and trannies, cheza kama wewe.

Aint this your forte? People who’ve lost their sexuality amd end end up chewing fellow gender? You are a faggot,no?

A homosexual thread

Mjaluo siku hizi umekuwa busy sana, huonekani hupatikani. Ama utanidanganya ni vile ulikuwa business trip to Moscow? :D:D

I know you love name-dropping and mentioning fat wallets to see if we will fall in love with you. Na sijawai ona ukiambia Truman Capote that you have a fat wallet. You only like telling that to fellow men.

Also you have never posted a photo of any lady ni majina tu za ma-pimp waislamu. Hehe. Piga hio number uongee na Musa.

Njaruo what’s going on, what’s wrong? Why are you so ga.y?

Mjaluo wa matiti naona umewasili.

Mjaluo wa mavideo naona umejitayarisha vilivyo.

The legend himuselfu

Hii khasia inapenda hii maneno ya transgender na mandume sana. Sijui leo amebinja ama amebinjwa na wangapi