Transfer your money from Mpesa to PayPal/Paypal Confirmed address

I would like to transfer money from Mpesa to my PayPal account. Can anyone recommendation a service one can use back here in Kenya? I once used chura but that service seems be down.
I have seen a service called Isuccess but their cost seems prohibitive - 125Kshs to 1 $.
I am looking for this because I have a dilemma with Paypal. I have a US based paypal account where I have added one of those Kenyan based prepaid credit cards. Most of the places I want to buy from require a paypal confirmed Address (address given on the debit card billing address is verified by PayPal by matching that to shipping address). Unfortunately, my shipping address is one of those package forwarding companies e.g. kentex cargo in the USA and my debit card address is kenya so they do no match.
Transferring actual money to my paypal wallet seems to be the only solution.
Any advise highly appreciated.

I used itechjungle last time

@aleki kuja saidia hapa.Tueleze venye unatoa pesa pale kwa paypal after iwriter ishakulipa

There are many options here…kaa huna payoneer card ama hujalink na Equity Bank u naeza tumia websites ka, ; they charge a small fee and it’s fast. Check them out

They also top your PayPal ukiwa mpesa. Rates zinachezea Hapo 100 - 105 per dollar. They’re trustworthy

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Thanks a lot

Chura used to charge 108 to the $ without any additional service charges. These rates translate into almost 120-130 to the dollar