Transcontinental Countries

There are 5 countries that fit this definition.


1- Russia. … Siberia region is in Asia.

2- Kazakhstan … The western end of the country, west of the Ural river, is in Europe.

3- Azerbaijan … Northeast of the country. Territories adjacent to Dagestan are in Europe.

4- Georgia … A few small valleys between the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. These are in Europe.

5- Turkey … Eastern Thrace region. And most of Istanbul province is in Europe.

Why is Israel in Europe, Egypt in Africa, Palestine in asia


Because of Geopolitricks, but EGYPT is in Africa physically. Palestine & Israel ask the Sodomites and the Brits

Kwa foota? Arabs walikataa kucheza na Israel so FIFA ikawaweka Yurop. Si unaona hii kitu haikuanza juzi.

Because durin the FIFa wourld cup games, and other international games, Asian countries outright refuse to compete against insrael. They show up to the pitch, and refuse to play