Tramadol high

Where can I find tramadol in Nairobi? Is it OTC anywhere? A friend said he used it and it does things to you.

All that intelligence but you still want to take prescription drugs without prescription just to feel high. Unaniangusha

Lol. Live a little. I’m not becoming a junkie Can I get it in Nairobi without prescription?

I know of a guy who supplies great weed. Come over let’s have a smoke

Weed is so passé
I can’t even

Same to acid but they all make you high. But weed is safer, no side effects unlike Tramadol which your pharmacist won’t give you if you have certain conditions

@Purple is this an opioid?

Don’t compare acid to weed, acid isn’t addictive and doesn’t need smoking plus it’s the most potent psychedelic.

But they can give me? How much?

Since when did weed become addictive? Never have I seen people having weed withdrawal symptoms

Nangoja kuskia how to get it… 2018, the year or trials…

It is a synthetic opioid. Not a natural one like codeine, fentanyl and morphine. But with similar pain-relieving qualities. It is in the same class of drugs as pethidine. Tramadol addiction and dependence are common but not as severe as for a natural opioid. Ideally, Tramadol is a restricted drug and should not be sold OTC.

You’ve not seen coz you’re not looking, it is addictive just not when compared to coke or dope.

Weed is the best option.

Cameroon here I come

Seems you have had your share of psychedelics hioka brother up. In my bucket list.

Just buy tramdol over the counter.a pair is 50bob for 500gms.