Train Zimecome

Electric trains ndio hizi
Toeni maoni

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where is this??

Hii mpaka tungoje @msalame grace atuambie ukweli wa mambo, wewe inaeza kuwa ni fumes za ile pombe ilimwagwa inakusumbua.

mimi sina habari??

Ata mkiekewa mbisha hamuamini, haya gojeeni news ya saa moja
@Mathice , mombasani bado hatumwaga phombe.

They look like the flat bed wagons…tutaziona vizuri when they are transported by Road to Emali

We are a way too a way to have Electric trains in Kenya na hizi siasa zenu za nusu mkate.
This are among the Used (mitumba) Locomotives which were Ordered by Rift Valley Railways to boost their efficiency .
[ATTACH=full]8906[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8907[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8908[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8908[/ATTACH]

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You could be right

These engines have been lying in the port of Mombasa since July last year. I doubt they are meant for the SGR . They structurally look more analogue than the ones in use

Yeah n now that i can see clearly… the Chineese one’s wouldn’t fit on the metre gauge rail…like those ones

it makes sense for RVR to buy refurbished engines and wagons…it wouldnt make economic sense to buy new ones for a concession which when it ends unawacha

Fare ya train NRB-MSA ni how much

No! this arrived on 26th june 2015. they are expecting 4 more this month.

depends with the class…first class i think its 3k…3rd class ni 350 last time i checked

3rd class ni 350…hehehehehe am guessing ni stool mtu anakalia mpaka coast!


What about this???[ATTACH=full]8911[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]8912[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8913[/ATTACH]

this was in Morocco, it was discounted

It would have made sense frot hem to operate the third class service to Nakuru, kisumu,eldoret and malaba…those ones would have been profitable and would have gotten the buses off the road…but currently zote ziko suspended

ati “Electrical Train”"

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