Tragic, Tragii, Tragic!!!

Am posting this at about 2350hrs EAT. Am very distressed. And for good reason. Just about to swallow the toilet freshner and just die.

Reason? My 29-year old gal just jerked me off and guess what? The cum is BROWN. A rusty, brown-coloured shitty 8ml. NOW WHO GIVES BROWN-COLOURED rusty CUM, for God’s sake. I mean, NOT EVEN the fucking Kavirondos, and they are as black as sin!

So, me a good ferking Kikuyu man, I have become so old my cum is rusty? Sh!t!

Purr, sorry. Forget the inbox. I cant stand the shame.

hii uko excused by KEBS usiweke picha


pengine uweke picha ya 29 year old gal






When others post nonsense, you call them idiots, when you post it, you expect us to applaud it as learned shit.
Huh, this world is strange!



You have three weeks to live

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Bovine Excrata Maxima.

You better look for a plumber…Your sht “pipe” is leaking into your little (pun fully intended) cum reservoir…Poor gal must have been traumatized when you ejaculated sht.o_Oo_O

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umeisha bearings

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kunywa jik


Ha ha ha ha ha! Sisemi kitu!

Women = menopause
Men = ?

Hwy are yuu being jacked off by a 29 year old instead of being F*kd by the 29 year old? Or is the 29 Yr old male? If thats not the case then i dont get why in the world instead of doing the natural which is man inserting D into womans P… you opt for a hand rub.Wewe basi ni chairman kawasaki sacco haijalishi kama ni msichana, kidosho, guka, chokoraa…kawasaki tu ndio inaingia… that rusty shit is by the way blood stain probably again brought by too much kawasaki at your age. enda pole pole na kawasaki na ukipata msichana kula yeye pole pole…dont force that shit out at your age…

Battery zimeisha …

brare ancient nugu


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