Traffic offence

is it in order for traffic police officers to mishandle you like this for a traffic offence.
Pole sana @Deorro , never browse behind the wheel again, (ktalk itamalisa watu) umepelekwa station gani tuje?

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Huyo mpaka ni makanga, makanga ni mambo mbaya, asiposhikwa hivyo hao makarao watabaki wameshikana mikono.


Mikono ya serkal ni mirefu .

The police tend to be rough in a traffic offence case ukikuwa kisirani or too many arguments.

mundu mulosi=cop

mundu mulosi=cop

Colonial mentality of our cops.

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They feel very challenged especially when you subject them to educated arguments. The only way they know to respond is by getting violent and since they know the law is on their side and they will get away with it.

Educate me sir how the law is on their side ?

Rather they are the law enforcers and when push comes to shove, it’s your word versus theirs and courts tend to give their word more weight than yours. Reason why many people opt to plead guilty and pay fines rather than spend days in court appearances trying to prove your innocence.

I agree with you!