Trading bot

niko na bot hapa nimekuwa ikinimakia pesa vipoa but of late imeanza kumake losses. kuna msee anajuwa kufine tune bot ??? dm me to make mullah na tusaidiane

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bot gani unatumia

Hiyo ni kawaida ya bots.They don’t work on all market conditions.Just know when it works capitalise when it doesn’t switch it off.
You can also check some coders on Fiverr that claim to tailor make to suit your requirements (never tried them though)

With the war going on stay away from USD pairs

To fine tune a bot you also have to be a very good trader. One can know how to fine tune a bot but not how to trade. Those are two different skills. I’d suggest that you learn about market trends and fundamentals and then set the trading parameters yourself coz it will be hard getting someone with such specialized knowledge that will provide a successful formula that will work in the long term…

100%, without knowing all the insides in this sphere one risks to lose everything simply because one can set the bot in the wrong way.