TRADEOBUG MLM Investment: Legit or Smoke Up Your Ass SCAM?

The other day my big bro sent me an URL about some investment opportunity inquiring whether it would be a suitable one to embark on. I am glad he did.

Of course I am no investment expert, but I seriously doubt such ascendancy was needed to crack it.

This breakdown is not faithful to the precise technical terminology, but rather, the manner of presentation makes things clear.

The company in question is TRADEOBUG:

Some kind of MLM program that promised handsome returns, and apparently certainly so, when you properly dissect the language. The program involves: Global Equities, FOREX, Bitcoin gymnastics, commodity trading, and so forth.

Multilevel Marketing(MLM): In a pithy nutshell, it is a legally sanctioned pyramid based SCAM.

It is a business structure employing a pyramid shaped commission system to deploy an opera that generates “mouth watring returns”. You found an MLM, purport to sell some product that generates handsome returns with minimal risk, and germane to its structure, it entails a pervasive “recruitment campaign”. You sell a product to 5 people, convince them to join the distribution network, promising handsome returns down the road, and they in turn sell and recruit others et cetra. There are two distinct revenue avenues; your returns from selling the product; and commissions from the recruits beneath you. The former revenue stream is most likely and inversely rewarding(highest chances of happening and minimal returns); whilst the latter stream has very lucrative returns, and of course this one is least likely to happen, save for those at the apex. The venture can be very lucrative, but ONLY for the 0.5% top stakeholders. 99.1 to 99% of the people just barely break even, whilst the majority eventually incur a net loss, from administrative expenses and so forth. The high returns for the apex members is widely touted as an incentive, that your hard work selling products and recruiting new hapless fellaz will make you as successful as they are. That is of course a 100% lie. It should be stressed that the conssumers are predominantly the participants, basic an umbrella to the practice of recruitment, because as people make purchases, they are lured in to also become distributors for “potentially great things” ahead. When at the end of it all you realize that the entire pyramid is feeding ONLY the very top internally, an apt definition of wicked arises.

MLM: It NECESSARILY is designed to benefit less than 0.5% of the venture, or rather the founders, with their bloated revenue figures fueled by the losses of all those fellaz down the pyramid.

Two illegals practices are fronted as MLM models; ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes.

These two scams are somewhat similar, with ponzi scheme victims being fooled into thinking the meager returns they get are returns on their investment, with many having no clue they are in a pyramid shaped scam, and often there is nothing substantive to be sold save for shaking you down; the pyramid scheme is somewhat similar, but here generally the participants understand it is a pyramid venture(i.e. an MLM), and that they would thrive on commission based returns and perhaps “some actual stuff” is sold, but nonetheless recruitment is the primary conduit driving the prosperity of the owners. That roughly gives the gist of it.

Anybody remember kiini macho? That muhindi guy who loved inflating balloons replaces the owners/founders, and his theatrics as a gastromancer indulgent in ventroquilism constitutes the elaborate subterfuge.

In standard 7, while doing an end term English exam, there was this comprehension story, that usually was followed by questions to gauge your comprehension competency. The first sentence read; “I smelled a rat”. My imagination had me in an epic trance, as I vividly visualized how that rat must have died, and just how stinky it thereafter became. Needless to mention, at the end of the test, there still was an imaginary rat firmly etched in my mind. You know this thing when people start audibly sniffing the air around them; usually it’s the case someone had yawned through the wrong valve. Once again “I smelled a rat”, and, “it stunk like a yawn”; only this time the aura was “SUSPICIOUSNESS”.

I am made to understand that Tradeobug has recently made significant inroads on the investment scene in Kenya, and apparently many are subscribing.

Let me give you the money shot:

If you have read the mechanics on how an MLM works, and that you have also taken a stab at TradeOBug, and that you have subsequently proceeded to join illusory MLM venture that you did not yourself found, the only explanations are binary and mutually exclusive; you are an idiot, or else you are fool hardy.


Domain was registered around April 2016 for 10 years, and was created using a service called “1st Formations”. The company will get the online company you are founding going in about 3 hours, and indeed that would be a rational ground for extreme cynicism if nothing else. Among the services you are purchasing is making use of a prestigious location in Covent Garden of London, with EXPLICIT promises to help you create; a legitimate sounding company with official mail services, hide your identity from the public, and protect your own address from being traced. Notably, about 18402 companies are on board using that EXACT SAME physical address. Tradeobug show you a picture of their HQ, of which I am not sure which variant of Photoshop was used to create, because of course there is no such thing in existence. In countries like the US, the only thing you need to be good at to sell stuff is through some clever confidence tricks that create an impression demonstrating your belief in your own BS. One recurring theme I keep hearing is “oh, I was paid such and such money” for months; all is perfect. For starters that is the impression desired by the founders of the scam, and there are probably more fake than genuine assertions of this kind floating around. Once I came upon the fact that the most vociferous proponent was a man From Lagos, and to be fair I abide by the maxim not to judge a book by its cover, but there are 419 reasons to be a skeptic if your truly understand 419. Besides, I learnt Yoruba in Lagos, before I ever learnt Swahili, because Kenya was the third country I ever visited in my life. But still geez!!! Remarkably, the CEO of 1st Formations is a black guy called Andre Lloyd, but when you google 1st Formations and look at images, you will only see white faces. That’s what the white brethren think of us dark skinned fellaz.

Remember the famous quote:

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Nuff said.


Never internalize the illusion you are invulnerable to these foxes.

Anyone remember that famous Israeli general with a pirate mask on one eye, called Moshe Dayan? I think he was in charge of IDF around the time Anwar Sadat became Egypt’s president. He was a progenitor to IDF after such institutions as: Haggnah, Irgun Lehi etc, and entangled somewhere in there were the likes of David Ben Gurion, and that psychopath Menachem Begin who ultimately took helm maybe 1977 or so, decades down the road; had been floating around for a while, and subsequently Moshe Dayan became a very successful general, but it all got to his head that he was invulnerable… An IDF captain, created an elaborate memo for leadership to consider from his investigations as an Intelligence Analyst. He warned the leadership that Egypt was almost certainly going to imminently carry out a military attack on Israel. Sadat used a very clever deception plan, that fooled 99.99% of Israelis, not the least, Moshe Dayan. He was ignored, because he was not senior enough to command an audience to project his findings. Sure enough, in 1973 Sadat Struck and it was a disaster for Israeli forces, because of course “nothing was going to happen” ; only it did. It was only days later they could initiate counter attacks, and US rescued them with a timely infusion of very effective weaponry, and eventually, perhaps a week or so the tide changed. (Israel is a stooge minus US as a geographic fact, no matter how sophisticated their military and weaponry, while Soviet tended to prop up Arabs out of practicality, when, years before, Ahmed Nasser was pissed off being denied weaponry from US then he flipped them off and nationalized the Suez canal, causing Israel to strike in 1956 and maybe UK, but was abortive from worldwide condemnation.

The lesson for Moshe Dayan was that he wasn’t invulnerable.

EXAMPLE: Cougar Dating Site:

The most common one is “Online Dating”, and more specifically, an emphasis on FWB or casual encounters. You will get to appreciate how cunning these fellaz can be. I saw on the web one such scenario and set about to investigate the veracity. This was a Cougar website (Mature ladies wanting to get plowed hard by young men so as to feel “sexy”.

Inferentially, I employed retrogression, and through extrapolation in a time series, I recreated the exact nature of the ruse.

The ever hungry team mafisi eyes would light up like floodlights, and they won’t stop drooling once they see the home page, which for them would be akin to the Garden Of Aden with conjugal rights.

3 million user base, 5600 new ones daily, 257,000 sex chats per day, almost entirely casual and FWB.

I created a profile. Almost immediately about 6 cougars were hot on my heels, but to respond to them, you need a subscription, so I did a “trial” subscription. Upon opening my messages, none of them was directed to me personally but just generic for instance, “I am hot but like good guys to treat me like a woman”, and so forth. 3 or 4 times per day, I got these cougars hitting my inbox, but none ever spoke to me or responded. 9 times out of 10 my “so called matches” were seldom in the US or were from the opposite coast, seeking men in “their own locations”. Through empirical lenses, I found 9 US cougars in US and 155 worldwide, was the average amount of activity within a 24 hour window(yet engaging in 257,000 sex chats per day)!!

Review Site: People visit these to eheck out companies, So I googled and opened the first review site. It had about 40 excellent reviews, and 2 or so negative to bolster legitimacy. The negatives were benign and would never change your subscription decision by themselves. Interestingly, from roughly review website 2 or 3 on the google list, the reviews shift 180 degrees, and the ugly demon is exposed for what it is.

So I created a good review, and a bad one; the good one displayed, and was visible even after I logged out; the negative review on the other hand was only visible when I WAS logged in; otherwise INVISIBLE, meaning I was talking to myself. If you see past the subversion of negative reviews, they go ahead and say, well we have to wait until we trust you, and then we might just publish your reviews at such a time; but of course, that was never going to happen. Additionally, they didn’t allow reviewers to interact directly, or rather, anytime somebody mentioned something you know is false, you are told to “update your own review”, which only you can read if your review is negative.

If you fully grasp the foregoing subterfuge in entirety, then you will see just how devious human beings can get.

Human reasoning is very funny, and predominantly mob driven. On a finishing note let me ask a quick question, and you can answer or google it on your own, and sure enough if you want to see the most deranged orgy of circular reasoning, do the google method. Growing up my mum prodded us to wake up and go to church every Sunday. My Dad used to attend the Christmas service and performed a very long prayer, which took about 365 days to expire. At 12, my metaphysical perspective was taking shape, and I started noticing that, many of these stories did not add up at all, and nothing new was being preached, save for current affairs, and by 14, I showed up sparingly, then finally after high school, I effectively ceased to do so, save for the occasional wedding or funeral that I might need to attend. Sure enough I look at religion a lot, but not theologically. I just happen to NOT buy into fantastic declarations, superstitions, and myths, many of which conveniently have disappeared with the advent of clear means of proving and disproving propositions.
Of course a very effective weapon reconciles everything; leap of faith.

The question is:

Did “God” create man in his own image; or did “mankind” create “gods” in their own images through personnification?”


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