Tracing phone number

Talkers help me Mulika this number. Somebody has been smsing shit thr 0771 787011

this is the best way to deal with such


Tumia yeye 50 bob via Mpesa, it will give you all the details

Hahaha… dosent work what if I collect a lost ID and register a new simcard with it …when u go hunting for me u find that that individual died like 2yrs ago.


What if you go to register with the lost I’d and you find the owner is already a registered user, the Safaricom customer care rep asks you details of the previous registration which you can’t answer. And that’s how you find yourself at Central Police station facing impersonation charges.

that is the essence of the con…they send messages/bother random numbers in their thousands- say one thousand -if just 100 of those respond with 50 bob the conman is sorted for the weekend and you are left with a name that doesn’t mean anything to you…

tebu kwanza niwekee tot ya hiyo jamie kwa pic yako alaf tujue itakuaje _/?

I don’t recall interacting with customer care the last time I registered my 3rd simcard

This is true