Toyota to discontinue Premio and Allion car models from March 2021


hakuna shida
zile tuko nazo ni zile za kitambo

As long as Corolla is still in production, derivatives can be shelved.

the only car discontinued nikaskia vibaya was the celica, starlet and the levin. sasa tena wamerudisha starlet which is actually not a starlet but a suzuki baleno.

Anvensis 2010 Model was a pretty car. Especially the rear lights.


My KYC is still strong…

Mazee ka starlet… Hako ka moti kalikua juu. Ndio nilisoma nako driving back in the day :D. Loved that ‘hot’ hatch

Nyoka mambo yote

Na vile Wakenya wamezinunua utadhani ni national uniform!


Caldina pia ilikuwa imeweza

Yea pia hii subbie used to give me a hard on
Sad they dont make them like this anymore

Yours must be clocking over 300k kms in mileage considering that they were manufactured in early 2000s

I think you are maybe missing 3 more zeroes?

Leo nimeendesha Hilux Surf. What a useless car when underpowered. If you are going to buy a heavy car, please make sure it comes with a heavy engine. Driving an underpowered car feels like having a boat on the road. Alafu a heavy car with significant body roll feels like having a clumsy momo in bed, unataka aende hivi but anaenda hivyo. Kama huna pesa nunua gari ndogo. The driving experience is more important than the image (except Range Rover of course).

True… always research the trim levels available with the car you wanna purchase. At the very least, get one with a higher end engine even if it isnt the top-of-the-line engine.

Driving a big car with an underwhelming engine is a very irritating experience

Ohhh yaahh meant to write 300k kms

For one they do not depreciate in value

You’re right it has been on the road for a while