Toyota Corolla Ae-100

Talkers, there is something that is still astonishing. So I am driving from Nairobi to Eldoret in a Toyota Fielder New Model,On reaching at Nakuru,I realised a well maintained Ae-100 KAN to be precise.And so I feel it’s an old car and I decided to overtake. I guess the driver wanted to show me that his machine is not as Old as I thought. And it turned into kind of a competition.The driver got a chance and sped past me. From Nakuru to Eldoret,that vehicle outdid the fielder in a way I never thought possible. Kwani how good are those things ??? I felt embarrassed KCA vs KAN and the Old one wins!!!

your fielder is at a max 0f 180kph while the old gold propably might be 240kph

You got your ass handed to you by a sleeper. We swapped a 4 throttle engine 4A-GE 20v from a Levin into an old Toyota AE81.
Very embarrassing to give chase.

You should not be on our roads for the next 20 years.

hakuna AE-100 inayo fika 240kph max speed… but that AE100 was probably more powerful than 1500cc Japanese import…see below on the variance of the cc engines on AE100

1.3 L 2E inline-four (petrol)72 hp (54 kW)72 lb⋅ft (98 N⋅m)
1.3 L 4E-FE inline-four (petrol)99 hp (74 kW)81 lb⋅ft (110 N⋅m)
1.5 L 5E-FE inline-four (petrol)104 hp (78 kW)100 lb⋅ft (140 N⋅m)
1.5 L 5A-FE inline-four (petrol)104 hp (78 kW)100 lb⋅ft (140 N⋅m)
1.6 L 4A-FE inline-four (petrol)113 hp (84 kW)100 lb⋅ft (140 N⋅m)
1.6 L 4A-GE (20-Valve) inline-four (petrol)158 hp (118 kW)109 lb⋅ft (148 N⋅m)
1.6 L 4A-GZE inline-four (petrol)168 hp (125 kW)120 lb⋅ft (160 N⋅m)
2.0 L 2C inline-four (diesel)72 hp (54 kW)2.2 L 3C-E inline-four (diesel)78 hp (58 kW) - MOTOPEDIA

Bro, hio 20v mlinunua wapi? I have been looking for that engine.

There’s a shop called Saite, Barichi Rd.
Hapo pia nilipata Nissan VQ30DET V6.
Later on we added in a turbo and turned it all wheel drive. :D:D

Hii utoto ya kucompete kwa barabara bado inakuaga? Ungepata a stalled truck na hio speed?

Sahio NTSA walikuwa wapi?

kuna siku tulioneshwa vumbi na a very old volvo the kind that were long and boxy with headlight wipers. that was along mombasa road usiku kitu saa tano usiku. am ashamed to even add that we were in a toyota hilux double cub from Toyota Kenya and you know those speedometer read over 180kph!!. i can never forget.

Yani muli turbo charge 4age 20v??? Noma sana! I think I should get your contacts bro!

Hio Saiti iko karibu na shamas ama Masaku?

BTW hio VQ30DET costs around how much?

Kwani ni wewe ulikuwa unafinya hiyo E-100 hivyo?? Ilikuwa inahepa manze…I’m yet to know iko na nini.

Walikuwa ulevi.Weekend…

It went for 130k.
Nobody wanted it.


Vile najua, the 1500cc fielder is underpowered and its engine should drive toyota vitz or a smaller vehicle. the engine is 110hp and low torque. the fielder with some speed is the 1800 cc version at 136hp and 173nm the older 1800cc was 148hp and 172nm peak power and torque. the new cvt gearbox for 1800cc is also performance averse while the older aisin 4 speed was really a good shifter. ideally that car should have 2000cc and above. fielder drivers are always out to prove something though.

:D:D:D:D Sawa chief

Volvo 240 gl.

Add that the AE100 is manual and lighter. Gaptism is real

AE100 series had superb engines. I was driving one once from Nyeri to Nakuru. I couldn’t believe how easily I was overtaking even new cars. That car can move from 0 to 80kph in five seconds.