toyota belta or nissan note.?

Advice Between the two cars which one would you recommend lets say the resale value is not really an issue, it’s something that will be used for at least 5 years before upgrading.

The belta most of them are 1000cc i understand fuel consumption is effective ie a buddy took his to Eldoret with fuel worth 2500ksh.

Been told that the 1000cc and long distance trips wont be that friendly to the engine. It may strain and hence become dramatic within a short period.

The nissan note it’s a ~ 1400cc falls within the category of 1300-1500.
But the major issue is resale value resale value.
I am in a dilemma i don’t want to make a decision without being to sure.

Budget is around 500k- 600k what can u advice or even better what’s the alternative

Hizo gari mbili ni za umama


You say resale value isn’t an issue but then don’t like the Note coz of its resale value? Aihh!!


Dude, can you 1st decide what you want before asking for advice.


Okay the second part is what i was advised… Many claim nissan has a bogus resale apart from that and the car being umama what else will u claim its a negative for the car (nissan note) @Mathaais @Luther12

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Enyewe hiyo kazi ni ngumu. nunua mazda demio. Note is fuckin ugly. 1000cc achana nayo. Ukipeleka milima hiyo engine ichape sooner. Not necessarily blowing the engine, but it will wear out quickly and you will be replacing rings, pistons, con bearings, gaskets due to heat, sooner. Everyday loading strain and you will be replacing crankshaft sooner. I dont know why this happens, but small engines just wear out on straining. Kwa hivyo kama ni 1000cc be sure si gari ya kustrain na si ya masafa. na pia hiyo 2500 kuenda eldi supposedly from nairobi ni kukunywa mob sana, but for a return journey its fair but not extra ordinary because a 1500cc will do the same. but small engines are not necessarily economical. 25 litres of fuel at 16km/L should be 400km at 18km/L should be 450km.
There are 1300cc proboxes that do well even with all the loading. But probox is in itself a very light vehicle.

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1300cc Belta is the best bet. But for your budget, you are limited to a Nissan Note.

i would advice you to buy a used nze / premio / carina


i think 2500 for 1000cc iko juu. mimi last dec i did 2500 from webuye to nairobi na 1800 cc

if you are mostly alone and around towns, the toyota belta is very efficient. The 1000cc consumes just around the same amount you budget for a matatu and add a thousand on top because of weekend journeys. That to me is very efficient and would like to actually support the 1000cc engine if you are a single guy or don’t have a large family.

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oh one more thing Nyeri - Nairobi would not consume more than KSH500 for 1000cc.

This is the best bargain with toyotas engines. that is 390km using googlemaps.

[SIZE=6]Kenyans and there resale value nonsense ![/SIZE]




Resale ni UPUSS. But I will say that even so, toyota offers better vehicles than most cheaper brands. Even though the 250,000 difference in the price of wingroad versus fielder is not warranted, the latter is much better quality. Similarly, the 350,000 difference between an accord and premio might not be warranted but the premio is a better construction. Remember price difference of vehicles in the same class is mostly because of the quality and finesse of the body/interior construction and finish.

subaru anything will do.

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[SIZE=5]Belta ya 1000cc uhema kama mtu wa TB that size strains the engine so go with the note. [/SIZE]

Although it’s not a looker get a ractis . But forget about getting laid easily in the next 5 years or so.




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