Toyota Auris vs Toyota Allion. Help me choose!!!

Toyoya Aurus vs Toyota Allion. Anybody with experience???I want to buy a new car

Your choice!

Allion bana

Whichever as long as it has a 5 spd Auto or Manual gearbox. Avoid the CVTs!! they were a failed experiment. Toyos are moving to a more reliable 8 spd auto in most of their 2020 cars.

Both are good. I prefer the previous shape of the auris though. If you like sedan, go for allion. If you prefer the bigger boot then go for Auris. I think they both share the same platform which is the MC platform, and the same 1.5L engine. No difference between the two really.


How much does the Auris cost. I feel they are overpricing it

Nonsense advice. You cannot avoid cvt. I also highly doubt he’s buying a 2020 car.

Did you really read my comment ama you are just typing because you have fingers… Now, go research online about Toyota R&D where they will install 8 and 10 speed Auto transmissions to replace the CVTs in most of their vehicles from 2020.
Who said he is buying a 2020?
I’m just giving the lad good advice anunue gari enye atakaa bila kujua mechanic for 5yrs.

If he is not buying 2020 model, he will not avoid cvt.
Two, cvts have really advanced in reliability.
Figure this; all Subarus since about 2010 are cvt if not manual.

Both range the same price but according to naona Allion is slightly pricier. If you need value for money, look at mazda axela.

What does CVT stand for?

CVTs are such a pain. My guy is on car n.o 3 na we bought 2010 motis with him on the same day in 2017… gari yake ya tatu sahii ni ya 2003 and he loves it!
The pressure ya fuel economy ndio ilileta hizi weak transmissions. Soon everyone will ditch them! Subaru, Toyota, Honda make great cars but hiyo CVT ni letdown. Mazda walikataa hiyo ghaseer…
I’ve seen the Auris iko na 4spd AT version, he can look into that

Continuous Variable Transmission. Ni gear ya mishipi

Are spares available for the axela? Are they affordable?

I saw the simulation on YouTube. But I think it’s weak-ass compared to manual or auto teeth gears.

Yes, affordable and available. I used to have a mazda demio, na sikuwahi kosa parts. I would probably have upgraded to the axela, but my current needs are calling for a van or a pick-up


What about resale value?

Axela iko chini

Your friend could be the problem not necessarily the CVT transmission. If Toyos were as bad as you put it zingekuwa zimestall along Thika Rd yote.

I agree with you. That guy must have been launching it… hiyo gearbox haiwezani na harsh acceleration. Ata sahii Toyota has developed a direct shift CVT gearbox enye ni meno for launches alafu gari ikisonga inarudishwa kwa hiyo mshipi to improve reliability na pia gari ikuwe na nguvu.