Toyota Ae100/sprinter

I welcome your views and opinions if I were to acquire this vehicle,Kuna some juicy deal nimepata for this kin d of car at an affordable price,now I am seeking the Kijiji’s distinguished opinions and critiques.[ATTACH=full]467510[/ATTACH]

Hio ni AE90 kijana. Inaonekana wanaku-con ni AE100 ndio ufikirie deal ni juicy

Yeah, my first car was a Sprinter. A Corolla in everything but the name and shape of lights

Mi naona Zina fanana, eneway I really want your opinion of this kind of toyoyas, interms of performance

This was also my first car… but it was an AE92 corolla GT Twin Cam 16 which was the sports version. Came with a sports engine too… the venerable 4AGE. The version I had output about 140hp… not much but pretty good for a 1600cc non-turbo car even by todays standards. Most 1600 cc cars will output about 100-110

Hii gari iko na demand sana

Nunua… cheap to maintain. Fuel efficient. Almost never breaks down. Repairs are easy in terms of labour as the engine is simple.

However see if you can get AE92 variant. Hizo ziko na all 4 disc brakes na reinforced chassis na upgraded suspension. Tyre size ni 14 inch instead of 13. A very good car for its class.

Amekuambia how much?

Actually nmeambiwa a throw away price, can’t even quote it here, but I also got to clear the charges for yard packing, nikama action yard charges .

Just check it out. Make sure chasis is not bent and it hasnt been in a major accident. If not, then buy. Very nice first car and very cheap to maintain.

Thank you mdau.

Isn’t the sprinter a corolla mujinga. Unanunua gari unakaa nayo miaka na ile kitu unajua tu ni number plate. Hii ni umama gani?

Those are old vehicles pre 2002 with fixed timing so performance isn’t their biggest point.

Hii ni ndai nataka kutumia only within 047, no long distance

The best cars that ever came out of a car factory. AE100 series and AE110 commonly called the Sprinter. Fuel efficient, hardly breaks down, cheap and available spare parts

Pia ukipata DX ama L-touring ziko sawa

Dx ni basic sana banae with that 1.3 engine and very basic interior. Wacha jamaa asherekee na SE Limited at least

Used to have a DX station wagon when working in Coast.It had a 4 speed manual transmission with the side mirrors fixed on the side of the bonnet.When coming for meetings in Nairobi nilikua nakimbiza nayo ma masidis kwa highway vibaya sana.Its fuel efficiency was epic.Walinifuta kazi nikaikwamia for two months kabla watume CID waniongeleshe.

Dxs are the cheapest corolla to buy and maintain. yani, the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to corollas. Kama ww ni mtu wa town na kazi yako ni daily commute to town and back, basi nunua hii. But if you want something abit more up-market but still a cheap corolla, chukua SE Limited. Top spec GT versions are very rare but unkiangukia, umebahatika.