I need advice how to handle a toxic colleague. My workplace is a very close knit community hence the peculiar specifics. The person is a man in his mid 50s who some say has mental health issues. My problem with the man is he’s disruptive to the work environment not to mention annoying. However because of the nature of our work that demands close ties we have had to condone him. Case in point, recently his wife took him to court over child support payments, theyre still married and living together btw and the woman really has no need for his money as she’s extremely wealthy but does this whenever the guy disappears from home. Now, due to this the Legal Dept,HR and even the Chief had to spend 2hrs sorting out his personal domestic tussles as the wife was about to have him locked up.

Then whenever there’s new interns the man hooks up with them bcz the wife tracks his calls and sms then the wife ends up coming to work to cause a furore and fight with interns. The case ends up at the Chief’s office.

On a personal level, the man must pass by your office every time he’s leaving the wing and bring up irrelevant and inappropriate nasty stories usually about relationships and sex,like how my boss whom I respect very much is screwing another colleague and how that colleague is generous with her goods, as in everything can go south once he’s joined the conversation, this will happen even if you’re with someone else or in a group. One day he found us discussing a female politicians and he’s like theyre all prostitutes. Or he finds us talking politics he takes over the conversation about how he knows all those big people. As in he’s a nuisance to everybody. He loves attention and is all over the place. If he gets wind of a colleagues personal problems or past failures at work that person and others will never hear the end of it. The woman working under him has the worst time bcz he bullies her no end, she’s married but he keeps asking her how many men are screwing her, if he sees her with any man he goes to HR to report her for being immoral in the workplace.

Most of us have chalked it up to putting up with a mentally unwell person whose nature is compounded by midlife crisis and marital problems but frankly its toxic especially if you’re in the same wing like me and he could easily pop into your office upto 10 Times a day. Thats alot of distraction. If you give him cold shoulder he complains that you’ve become proud and not a team player. Even the Chief puts up with alot of bullshit from this guy but for me my problem is the daily annoying disruptions, it gets on my nerves.

How do you handle such a lose Canon with tact to avoid a fallout but put him off so that his toxicity and interruptions doesnt affect your concentration and your flow and equilibrium.

Give him what he wants. Women love people like that. total misfits.

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Just give him the cat.


Sign petition to have him dismissed.

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just tell him to fuck off. what is with this office political correctness?

or buy him a deira and a box of tampons

Because YOLO. Some options.

  1. Tell HR he’s cramping your style and let them figure out how to handle it or who they wanna keep.
  2. If he brings up other people’s shit, bring up his shit in great, embarassing details.
  3. Tell him off.
  4. Quit.
  5. Put heroin in his pockets and call the fuzz on him.

My peace of mind is very important i dont take bullshit from anyone. fuck fallouts confront him and make sure he understands that anything that is not work related you are not going to entertain it. In greek we say “goma inoraga ni guthijirwa”


heroin haina “e” hapo mwisho buda…hiyo yako ni kama superhero:oops:


Alrighty. Corrected. I think I’ll live. \o/


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I think you’re being unfair to the man, clearly behind every crazy man there’s a woman, deal with the root problem, his wife. Jitolee akuoe and make him happy, take one for the team

Ha. Slow sunday. Makosa nimeona.


Fuck you @GeorginaMakena ferk u

msukumie link ajoin ktalk…he may find his likemindeds aeke mkia kati ya miguu na asit down be humble

Coming from a bipolar psychopath, this is rather rich…


Harsh. Jambo mzee.

Bipolar psychopath ni wewe! Arent you the one always calling Africans stupid, yet you’re one - that to me is Bipolar kunywa lithium n know that you’ll never bcm white so stop hating on your own race. You stupid idiot.


Spelling bee ikafanywa Ktalk mutaskia mambo kikiki.

Find His weakness then blackmail Him.