Toxic Relationship

So I have gotten myself into deep shit. I am dating a married woman. Thats not the problem since I can end the relationship anytime I want. Problem is, I’ve fallen for her.
To make matters worse, her husband is my work mate. Its just gotten to a point where I feel I’m playing with my life, Im pretty sure death is the only consequence should the huaband know whats up. Then again, the woman has of late started being proud. She doesnt reply to texts and talks rudely. The kind of behaviour you are given when a person knows you have no option. My people, am just asking for advice on how to end this relationship. I admit I’ve fucked up, but so do everybody. Nobody is perfect. I’ll appreciate both negative and positive comments. Thank you

This kindof posts dont do too well here. Wacha wanakuja

The bible says …If a part of your body causes you to sin chop it off!!

Hapa unaambiwa mbisha mzae mbiiishaaa! at a ka sketch angalau at a ya labia ya kushoto

sunday imekuwa slow

You are a stupid idiot, may that guy catch you and shoot your small head. You cant sleep with your workmates wife, its immoral and idiotic.

Whats wrong with this fucks ? Madame ni wengi kama siafu huku nje ! why bother with some bitch that belongs toa nigga u know ! hope u get busted ! hio pia mamako hawezi kuku tetea ! Bibi za watu is a big NO NO

Mimi I say you only live once… Don’t look at it as casual sex. Look at it as you helping your friend. Helping your friend have an orgasm…

Kijana, what thrills kills, leave her, you deserve something better.

Amechoka nawe, up your game kwa bed kubabuyo

Huu ni upuss. Mbisha or it never happened.

Yaani siku mzima unaangalia ninja mchana kutwa ukijua you share a cum pot. Your stupidity is on another level.

ongea na Raphael tuju

Vipi @Quanstrom @Voltron @M2Random

choices have consequences niggah.

huyu anafaa rocket launcher,kichwa ndogo itahatisha risasi


:D:D:D You want the nigga to die soon? you people can mislead.

hapo kwa “so do everybody” niondoe nanii…halafu cut Comms with the woman. if worse comes to worse, approach the man first and tell him his wife is hitting on you, before he smells anything first. Tumechoka kuona headline za love gone sour sijui so and so found dead and mutilated in some thicket