What is happening to the Toyota townace? Why is toyota messing up this awesome mini van? The new model townace looks whack and very weak. The old model was very reliable, hardy and good looking especially the 4wd, manual version.

Old model

The newer model I feel doesnt give a value for money. It even looks ugly. Sources say its a Daihatsu car rebadged with a toyota logo. Daihatsu has been part of Toyota group since 2016.

New model

This is where Nissan beats toyota hands down with its Nissan vannette offering especially the newer model. Very efficient.

Did you type this or you just lifted it from a Website? @Karoga feel tagged in this post.

I typed everything. Spelling mistakes are bound to happen since natumia phone but nime correct.

This car was officially replaced by toyota noah/voxy. That is what you should be looking for.
The townace you posted is unrelated to the older one.

Sales za io gari za old model vs new model ziko aje? Io ndio kuamua, sio barabara za kenya.

Maybe I havent done my research but on the ground people are saying the new model townace came to replace the old model version

Hiyo replacement ni daihatsu

Let bygones be. So many good cars have been officially discontinued only to be brought back after a decade or so, for instance the Starlet. Ya kitambo kwanza the GT was all that you needed to get laid (today’s Blue Subaru with noisy exhaust), Ford Bronco… I’ve also seen some tease that Toyota Corolla e70 is soon coming back hybrid… you get the point, Mark X?

Wait till the Nissan CVT transmission starts acting up or their engine s starts heating up na ndio utajua why the new townace is the better choice…if it’s my money I would buy a local manual box hiace ,that gives me more space, option ya diesel and more spare parts options.

nope. it was replaced eons ago by voxy/noah. Unless you want to run after the name, not the car.

You are correct. The old townace was replaced by the new model townace. The old Townace Noah was replaced by the Noah/voxy. I think the old townace was meant for goods while the old townace Noah was for passengers. The new townace is also meant for goods but the noah is meant for passengers.

Hii ndio townace noah.

Old toyota townace interior

Old Townace Noah interior

New model townace interior

New model townace exterior

@Rene Descartes kuja ona hii. You are talking about townace Noah. I was talking about the townace in the second pic in this reply

I hate Noah/Voxy si kwa ubaya kama uko nayo enjoy your saitan

What did it do to you Sir?

The new model looks funny and weak

Nothing apart from dying on me on my way to get premium puccy

Did you finally get the poosy? If not, those were your gods protecting you from luwere.

No. I think it was Noah cockblocking me from entering the ark