Tough times

Kenya’s 3rd largest retail chain, Naivas shuts down two branches, Ronald Ngala branch in Nairobi, Githunguri branch in kiambu.

fiam , na arapa singh bado anafyonza mbesha ya sirikali

If you were well informed or bright enough you would know that they have two brances along ronald ngala and they shut one because of poor performance. Unfortunately you are none of the two. Ondoa ujinga hapa.

Poor performance is the result of harsh economic times otherwise they would still be open

tofauti yako wewe na ngombe ni vile uko na makende nusu

HEEEEEEEEEE!!! boss ati what?? don defend with such bs posts hebu weka link cuz their many factors that result poor perfomance which by the way are the demands from senior management …neither you or me factor in those decisions directly…its all resource management and utilization

and it hurts when your post is liked by one whose insults make no sense cuz diff ya @uwesmake na ngombe ni kuwa atleast ngombe ina kichwa ngumu inaeleweka mbona haitmake sense kuwa shemale ni mwanuame na majegi…

Tofauti yako na makende ni vile ziko na substance ndani. Ng’ombe punguani ya kimilili.

My childhood friend and college mate Willy Kimani is doing a great job at Naivas…all he did was to close underperforming ones and open new ones e.g pale Utawala


Na wewe mbona huku make it?

:D:D:D:D you are the first person ever to tell me that am a failure

ata kama sikujui,
I’m definitely more failure than you. Got an A 84 in 2009 and nothing to show for it. Nili mess mahali and I’m still struggling to get things straight

@Marketing 101, how did you mess? I did my KCSE in 2001 so its safe to say that am 10yrs your senior and well positioned to guide you. You were finishing your KCSE when i had just graduated with a Masters degree…Tell you what, you still have a lot of time to make things right…actually what you consider to be a mess might in the long run turn out to be a blessing in disguise

Wacha nianze kujipanga. Thanks

Hekaya tafasali

Kiti kwanza :smiley:

This is ktalk. People who don’t know you will call you a boy because he has 17 employees in upperhill and two houses ‘abroad’.