Tough Skins...

Hey @Nefertities , hope by now umetulia and have somehow realized that the internet is never polite…na si ya mama yetu.

Never got to read all the comments on the sentimental letter you wrote to Supu about females joining hands to “fight for women’s rights” and something about having influence and “changing our community” .

Somehow maybe, you have come to realize that being behind the keyboard, it’s only wise to adopt a tough skin/hide. Just as your name and avatar aint real, so should your heart. Ask @Ka-Buda . Nigger once decided to open up on a certain Waweru story, and if I recall correctly, 80% of the comments were to diss him, term him a fag and all. He kinda brushed it off…very maturely I should add.
Same as with many guys here termed shemales and still find time to shrug it off.

Oh and the same goes to @PepoPunda . Very funny that you don’t wanna be judged. YES, am gonna judge you! You aint going around cheating on your wife and expecting a crown after a night out with a USIU dumb a**. The boys may applaud you. But I will get behind my keyboard and throw pieces of shit at you. It’s the internet, you could be a pregnant woman, a 17yr old virgin or a barmaid for all it’s worth.
So don’t get offended.

Even @MgangAlchemist tried to prosecute God for all we know. Don’t know what route the case took…:smiley:

Anyway, don’t get so worked up. I bet this is no site for promoting the girl child, fighting FGM, defending your religion, winning souls to Christ etc… it’s more of transforming the transformer and having a laugh now and then.

I also believe that after logging off, everyone has a real life of their own…it’s never that serious(except if your letter to Ol Manki gave you a lay eventually…to which it’s ok to share)


Girls watching each other backs,

What was that part about “transformer” about?

cutting/taming the roaming transformer…

tell them girl…

to some extent, women…we are our worst enemies…

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Hae swts, still thinking about your being…


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Yenyewe huyu jama ni FISI.



hi hun…mmh…your avatar sets the mood

Kama hujatusiwa you do not belong.

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Na hii upuzi ya niccur mwache tafadhali mtu ameenda seminar Boston anarudi na lugha ya ajabu. Hata kiswahili atajifanya amesahau… Why dont Kenyans who visit China or india not type or develop a Chinese accent? Hata @vuja de after kupika mhindi for ten years bado anaongea kama mutinda tu… Waafrika jamani phtho!


Matusi here are for everyone. …they do not discriminate gender

Lakini ya junkie na wakameat ni mzito.

:D:D:D only applies to Ka-Buda and any other living in the west

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Hehehehe ngoja pia mimi nilete Maori slang.



Unajua yunikon ni half mhindi, half mkamba

Usinipike priss