Totota Spura.

I can’t ever remember spotting spura on the kenyan roads. Was this model ever sold in .ke ?, or was it sold under a different name ?







supras ziko mingi kenya sana
and i wont be surprised if i see the new on soon wakenya wana pesa

never seen a supra. celica ndio ziko mingi

Supras (NOT SPURA as titled) are enhanced Celicas… same style just bigger room and more power.

I drove both when they were common in the states way back, but they discontinued the models here.

Now you can only get them here on special order. I think they export them elsewhere, but use them in North American race circuits.

yaani designer wa Toyota anafungua blueprints ya celica kwa AutoCAD na kuexpand alafu anasema ni supra alafu anaongeza bei double?

Same thing with all the Merc and BMW models. Same car different sizes for different pockets.

Sales and marketing genius.

last pic is the 2020 tht went on sale 1500 units to b made

that’s what i’m wondering, if the Spura was marketed as Celica

Looks like a bmw

More of a lexus.

Lexus ni Toyota. The new Supra was a joint venture with BMW.

same chassis as BMW z6 but body tofauti

Z4 perhaps, buds?

Engine ya the new Supra ni ya BMW Z4.

Do you mean Supra.Supra hatujui ni gani

Looks like a starship trooper from Star Wars…let’s just hope the force is strong with him.