Total Excelium vs Shell V-Power

Wadau…what is the difference between the two? I have been using excelium and wanted to try out V-power but naskia the difference is almost 25 bob to the litre. What’s your experience?

In my humble opinion V-power is only a cool name for which you pay 25bob extra, otherwise no difference. I use exellium. Again this is my non-expert opinion.

Sande sana

Used to use v-power but moved on after suspicious fuel from many shell stations. Now on excellium and never going back. One is RON 89 and the other RON 91 so I hear. Well, you will never notice any difference since your car is not a race car. Benefits of high octane fuel for ordinary use is a myth. Then secondly who can you trust here to sell you what they claim to offer?

Intresting opinions

Personally have had a very bad experience with excillium, used it a couple of times and my engine started pinging, infact I had to drain out the tank.

Vpower for me any day

V-Power is the only fuel I would trust nikiwa na mazda demio! :slight_smile:

Which motor are you running? Turbo? Supercharged?

Regular was one fuel you couldnt adulterate


Kama uko na turbo ama gari ni German use V-power once in a while, not necessarily always.
Other times tumia any fuel as long as it’s a reputable peti. Personally i prefer National oil or gulf.
Total or Shell will depend on the particular petrol station. Some are good others are shit.

any shell n Total past TRM, westlands, Ole Sereni, Jamhuri outbound is suspect.
most of those outlying station owners do not care for anything but profit.

the worst thing to happen was ‘cleaning’ additives. these things lower octane/ RON. we should just stick to good old dinosaur product. ukitaka ku-clean injectors n shit, use seafoam

Noticed the difference with my German with v- power the car had more power and the picking was fantastic with excelium the car was very lethargic.

Kwanza nikilipa na mpesa then message inakam “confirmed ksh…paid to xyz enterprises or ltd” na saa hiyo uko ndani ya shell or Total station I get very worried.

Excelllium 95 ron
V power 98 ron
Normal fuel 91-93 ron
For 25 bob, that is a small difference
I use excelllium on my sg5 and no issues. No knock no pinging.

Excellium iliniharibia fuel sender sasa fuel gauge haisomi poa. imekuwa at least vyenye nimerudi shell. Sikuskia difference na v power.

Really? How?

Mi hutumia Excellium only haijawahi sumbua mbeast yangu.

Nilitumia consistently for two months fuel gauge ikachizi. I could never tell the amount of fuel i got. nikaona compaints about the fuel having deposits. Since then natumia shell naona kama gauge problems are slowly easing.