So, uni is back and we’ve been given a long list of very expensive required textbooks, I just can’t justify spending all that money on books that will probably not be used after this semester. I’m calling on all the I.T. gurus on here to give me a heads-up on how to torrent books and where to torrent them from.
sikupga mbisha ya tukipewa long list:(

You should try Kickass Torrents. They have quite an extensive collection.

Or search for opendirectories such as this one.

Use this code for that:

[-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:index of+last modified+parent directory +description +size +(epub|pdf|mobi)book title]

You can also search for books here:

Also 4share has a lot of books you can download.

You can also use search engines for cloud storage sites such a ZippyShare:


noone would bother scanning a text book…you are sunk!

Cheers @Algernon.

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Weka list hapa.

Weka list hapa i download em for you or give you links

Cheers guys nitaweka list leo usiku

@Bus @Deorro ndio hii list ya the most important ones tuliambiwa tununue :frowning:

Germov, J. (Ed.). (2014). Second opinion: An introduction to health sociology (5th ed.)

Barry, A - M., & Yuill, C. (2012). Understanding the sociology of health: An introduction (3rd ed.)

Beauchamp, T., & Childress, J. (2009). Principles of biomedical ethics. (6th ed.)

Ozolins, J., & Grainger, J. (2015). Foundations of healthcare Ethics: Theory to practice