That’s his approval rating as he departs.

What a nightmare. Be gone and be well. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. :smiley:

@Purple unaeza toka kwa shimo saa hii. Itakuwa poa siste. Itakuwa poa. :smiley:

Schupid trampers.

Very stupid

They were telling each other that “swamp” has something on his sleeve and Jan 20 will be victory…
We wasted 65 Zillion byte of ktalk servers just for them to hide behind @uwesmake dirty ass pants.

12 pm. January 20th. Never waivered in my words @T.Vercetti.

Ei boss, Twitter statistics are always skewed, some who had almost 70mill. Popular votes a month ago cannot be at 29%


[li]President Trump’s approval rating has plummeted after inciting a deadly riot at the Capitol [/li][li]It also resulted in a sudden drop in support among voters in his own GOP party [/li][li]Pew Research Center poll suggests only 29% of Americans approve of Trump [/li][li]It’s the lowest rating he received during his presidency with 68% disapproving.[/li][/ul]
Trump Could Exit With Worst Approval Rating Of Any Modern President

2 days ago

[SIZE=7]Trump’s approval rating hits all-time low following US Capitol riot[/SIZE]
By Paul Best
Published 3 days ago
FOX News

President Trump’s approval rating plunged to an all-time low of 29%, 9 points lower than it was in August 2020, according to a Pew Research poll released Friday.

@T.Vercetti Kuja hapa and tag along your boyfriend :D:D:D

Quick math.
Mainstream media polls approval rate 29%. Total votes actually cast for trump 74,222,958, 46.8 percent. Margin of lying = 29% - 46.8% = minus 17.8. They robbed Trump 17.8 percentage popularity in that poll.
Mainstream media polls approval rate 76%. Total votes claimed to have been cast for Biden 81,283,098, or 51.3 percent. Margin of lying = 76% - 51.3% = 24.7%. They deliberately posted a falsely overblown poll number for Biden in that poll.
Therefore actual number Biden votes just remove 24.7% (margin of lying) to know what is on the ground. That 24.7 is fake mailing votes. And add 17.8 percent on Trump to get actual number of heads who will show up to vote Trump.