Top Cop Apewa Mcele

MURANG’A COUNTY criminal investigating officer Julius Rutere drugged in Karatina hotel room, admitted to hospital; 3 arrested over incident.

Hawa kunguru apan tambua.

@pamba VS please check-in over!

had to be muranga, where even your dogs anus isn’t safe

Check the thread again… Karatina imekuwa moto wa kuotea mbali…

Your anus ain’t safe either, I would personally terrorize it facing Mt Kenya to smithereens till you scream RWNEBP nine times acknowledging the daughters of Gijuyu.


Please check in, over!
(insert static ya radio call)

I can tell you and your dog are VERY close…such jealousy!

Pamba, One for you sir, Confirm your Lima oska charlie alpha tango India oska November. Over to you!

How on earth were you the fastest sperm?

VC is getting worried now

Kibombolulu hadi you get addicted to diapers.

you are military trained kweli. location!!!

ni kam a amesahau password yake after hiyo dose pishori

Kunguru apana tambua seniority ya akina pamba

Kwa dunia ya mcele kunguru ndiye mkuu

Mike alpha nov delta alpha,

Moral of the story: stop this habit of drinking solo without a wing-man and then ‘collecting’ some strange woman for fun 'n games.