Top 3 beasts

Am fan of suvs considering the sad state of our roads and the million bumps. It’s impossible for a car to provide everything, hence my summary:macan, forester, mini countryman, wrangler, hilux, g wagon & outback. List based on performance, safety, reliability & off-road prowess. My perception is purely theoretical but believe some of you got practical know how. It wouldn’t be financially intelligent to own 7 vehicles. Can someone come up with his/her top 3 from the list above

Hilux double cab with the 2.8
Wrangler, because Prado is missing
Outback because RAV4 is missing

Would go for Hilux Surf. A great tough machine with great torque

Outback is the thinking man’s car kwa hiyo list. Well priced, very reliable, sturdy and spacious. Forester closely follows. Hilux itabidi ukue na 24hr security manning the car. The rest ni shit in terms of pricing, maintenance and reliability.

Suzuki Jimny 2019
Toyota 76
End of my list

Is it still under production?

The others are a bit pricey, less reliable and still high maintenance but they got something unique that the Japanese brands will never match to. The outback could be the woman of the house but go to USA or Germany for a mwk.

Think so.


the Hilux surf was discontinued in 2009 for not conforming to safety and emmissions…leaving the land cruiser as the flagship SUV product of the company

2017 onwards Hilux 4WD double-cab with the 1GD-FTV 2800cc VNT diesel engine & 6 speed M/T. You shall always be the one wearing the effortless smile wherever, especially if you throw in a matte black steel he-man front bumper with Intensity LED spotlights, a pointless WARN winch, Safari high mount cold air intake, holeshot matte black rims with detailing, with them beefy M/T Hankook or Goodyear tyres all around plus spare…do get a high-end security fix, preferably from Toyota Kenya. Rock sliders, sidestep, sump & tranny guards would help…a lift kit isn’t necessary but who could say…

You’re done & set for life. It ticks every other box, especially solid reliability & longevity…and then some.

Ni hayo tu.

Leta image nioshe mecho.


These are vehicles meant for overpaid oil engineers and public money thieves.

Where do people get Fuel or Method 6x135 rims in Vumbistan?

Non of those are classified as SUV. Outback AWD suits you . Hilux double cab also makes sense but it moves from a personal car to a commercial vehicle so italingana na wewe. Wrangler looks like a rich boys toy