Top 20 African Countries with the Largest Road Network Size.

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  1. South Africa 747.010 KM

  2. Nigeria 193.200 KM

  3. Kenya 167.510 KM

  4. Egypt 137.430 KM

  5. Algeria 114.100 KM

  6. Ethiopia 110.410 KM

  7. Ghana 109.520 KM

  8. Zimbabwe 97.270 KM

  9. Tanzania 87.180 KM

  10. Ivory Coast 82.220 KM

  11. Morocco 58.460 KM

  12. Cameroon 51.500 KM

  13. Guinea 44.350 KM

  14. Namibia 44.300 KM

  15. Botswana 43. 576 KM

  16. Chad 40.490 KM

  17. Zambia 32.400 KM

  18. Mozambique 31.170 KM


  1. Uganda 20.000 KM

  2. Tunisia 19.440 KM

  3. Niger 18.970 KM

Source: Statista

Uganda is undergoing major road construction

Shouldn’t this be a length to area comparison?

That would make Ghana second to SA…and more proof that Oil producing country called Nigeria is a shithole


Ramaphosa amefanya kazi buana.

Most of the statistics ni unpaved roads.

Per capita would make more sense. Namibia has only 2M inhabitants, and they have to live in the city coz the rest of the territory is Namib desert. Per area would mean an expectation to pave thousands of kms in the inhabited desert jut because

What do they do with all that vast desert land? Any meaningful economic activity?

desert tourism tu. nothing much

Is this for real? What is the source?

Per capita, Ethiopia and Nigeria are doing poorly

Some AFRICAN Countries and Their Slogans!

[I]• South Africa – Rainbow Nation
• Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills
• Madagascar – The Red Island
• Lesotho – The Kingdom In the Sky
• Egypt – The Gift of the Nile
• Burkina Faso – Land of the Upright Men
• Ghana- The gateway to Africa/Black Stars of Africa
• Nigeria- The Giant of Africa
• Namibia- Land of the Brave
• Uganda- The Pearl of Africa
• Malawi- The Warm heart of Africa
• Zambia- The real Africa[/I]

• Kenya - the pride of Africa
• Tanzania - Brain of Africa (Bongo)
• Gambia- the smiling coast of Africa
• Ethiopia- the land of origin
• Morroco -the land of colors
• Mauritius- the continental island
• Comoros- the perfume island
• Sierra leone - salon
• Chad- the dead heart of Africa
• Mali- the eyes of Africa
• Djibouti - the pearl of the gulf of Tadjourah
• Cabo verde - llha do
• Sao tome and Principe- the chocolate island
• Cameroun- the hinge of Africa
• Seychelles - the land of perpetual summer
• Gabon - Le bled
• Somali - the horn of Africa
• Botswana - Peaceful nation

How About Chinese 45 Lane Highway…:D:D:D



Qianchun interchange in Guiyang, capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province, is one of the most complex interchanges in China.
The complex structure consists of 11 ramps going in eight different directions stacked on five layers. With its largest vertical drop of 55 meters,
the interchange has been dubbed as a super “roller coaster”.


The Hi-Five interchange where LBJ Freeway and Hwy 75 connect is shown with vehicles trying to navigate the icy road conditions, in Dallas.


Nature reclaiming its territory…