Top 10 reasons to quit kenyatalk.

After wasting my precious time in this rickety forum I’ve finally decided to quit. This is a very useless forum hakuna kitu hapa, bure kabisa,very useless people, watu ovyo kabisa umbwa, nyani, waluhya, mbwa nyinyi, mbwa tena.

as many as are of that opinion say aye, the ayes have it.

Signed: Militiades


  1. Full of subbies

You are so needy, good riddance, I saw another post yesterday you were giving @Electronics4u and his cahoots hard time.

I don’t think there is anyone who will miss you. We didn’t even notice your presence. Kuna elders wakiondokea we can miss them…

Drop me your pin kwa inbox,I need to ask you something

Huyu ni @screwplus na hizo gif zake za ujinga.

Meffi, enda ukiendanga

Safiri salama rudi uko KMDU upatane na wenzako

Kwenda kabisaaaaa!

hio ni captain obvious

See you later alligator

@militiades = @Herod = Herod v = Many Herod accounts = A stupid narcissist faggot who cum by just looking at his own image on the mirror.

@militiades think the world owes him a favour because he goes to the gym.

Kunia na utoke.

@jokes on you @militiades had several handles including but not limited to

Ona sasa simp analia ati anahama coz @Purple alinmyima ikusde. Sisi tuneDM Rihanna pale IG na tukapewa blueticks lakini uliona tukisumbua ati tunahama IG. Shenzi sana. Upatiwe lollipop kwa mlango.


You will have ample time to sell your anus out there. Good riddance to bad rubbish

= @Bingwa Scrotum = @Douchebag = bottom homosexual

Sigwes kuwa hiyo millipede

I know kenyatalk is entertaining and addictive and you have nowhere else to calm your sorrows anonymously , if you are serious which i know you aren’t, please remember not to reincarnate again.