Tools for your nonelectric kitchen for canning

Not sure this is the right area but since it alludes to taking care of large amounts of garden produce thought it kind of fit.

First, I am not a big gadget person but I do love tools. Having started canning and gardening many years ago with minimum tools I thought I would share what I have come to own and relie on. Maybe share what tools you use.

Rada peeler, the best peeler I have used.
Potatoes, apples, carrots, etc.

Roma food mill, so much better than a Foley. Have run bushels of food thru it. Berry screen really works.

Lehman’s apple peeler. Costly but again bushels of apples. If firm about 20 minutes for a bushel.

Apple corer and slicer. The push type. After peeling, makes quick work of applesauce prep.

Big stainless steel bowls. Use them for picking, processing cooking.

Big stainless steel spoon, one slotted, one solid. Slotted has helped with blanching many food items.

Big stainless pots. Five gallon and three or four. Both work for processing milk, blanching and big batches of food.

Jar tongs.

A stainless mesh basket, large. Makes blanching beans, carrots, etc easy.

All American Canner (or any big canner)

Salad slicer, again Lehman sells it. I bought it on Amazon. Slices and shreds, veggies, cheese, etc.

There is a juicer I have my eye on but, I can wait.

These tools have proven their worth to me. What have you found to be valuable?

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