too frank for life

Outspoken Budalangi Member of
Parliament, Ababu Namwamba,
now risks being beaten and
ejected from ODM by hooligans
following his remarks about their
party and leader.
This is after he called ODM dead
and that former Prime Minister
Raila Odinga will soon be no more
if he won’t rise up to the occasion
and arrest hooliganism and
political intolerance within his
party; the same remark former
ODM Executive Director, Magerer
Lang’at, made that saw him
beaten and ejected from Orange
Namwamba noted that what
happened to Magerer is a clear
indication that ODM is on its
death bed and that very soon it
will die a natural death if
something is not done urgently to
free it from ruffians.
“ODM is as good as dead. If you
see hooligans taking over a party,
it is a manifestation of system
failure and collapse of the
institution,” said Namwamba.
“If Raila Odinga will not step in
and salvage the party from
hooliganism, ODM will be no
more and so will he,” he added.