Tonto Dikeh produces evidence that her exe husband was a one minute man

LOL. Hapana chesa na Nollywood actress. She will bring receipts mpaka ya your performance in bed. Yahoo boy siatumie juju from baba wala to shut the woman up coz next she said she’s bringing receipts of how her exe husband was sleeping with his own mother.

Gushing about the husband like @Purple oooohhh I’m in heaven, am in heaven. Next time the husband is a 40 second man. The husband was humping a dirty girl behind a Dumpster, he’s yahoo boy. Love is all you need until it isn’t.

40 secs?
Talk of quick, hehe. But if she’s as quick with her tongue in real life as in the movies, he’d have soon learned to do things fast. Now that she has told us, it will increase the amount of foofoo on her dinner table.

A man who gets to the point… FAST.

I’m telling you that man has been exposed badly. I don’t envy him at all. He has completely lost respect he gained by marrying a celebrity. I think if you are not happy with someone no need of staying with them becoming too bitter then going to humiliate them in public just extract yourself and move on. These are the results of staying in toxic relationshits. You explode. Or implode.

More like imploding. But methinks his bonking the chick outside under the stars must have been quite an adventure–albeit a swift one. He could have chosen grass rather than behind a dumpster though.

I would think if you are humping someone else, you will last longer.