It has always been believed that it was done by the establishment, but other narrators have reason to believe otherwise, especially when the CUI BONO question comes to play. Could it be that powers from Nyanza (read odingas) did it? Whats the chance? Have you heard of this theory?




The idea has always sounded plausible.
Just make a list of people who had the means, the will and the reason/s…and who stood to gain most…and then start the elimination process.

SO Jaramogi who in 1969 was with his own party called KPU hired “Nashon Njenga” to kill Tom Mboya???
Njenga kept repeatedly asking what about the “big man” but no one bothered to investigate who the big man was.
Back in 1969 the government kept harassing KPU leaders and even imprisoned Jaramogi in October for 2 years after banning his party
if Jaramogi had indeed killed Mboya then that would have been the perfect excuse for Kenyatta to use to imprison him for long or get rid of him.

in short hiii propaganda yako ni meffi sana and does not make sense


Tom mboya tried to recruit an army while in Ethiopia…

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Huyu jamaa alimaliswo na government. He was becoming too smart!

Get into a time machine and go back to 1969 to get some answers.


Yap. And if you looked at it more objectively, one can argue it holds more water than the alternative.

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Mboya was in the way of Jaramogi and had to be taken out. Since then no other Luo has come close of toppling the Odinga’s power.

True and I think Ouko too fell for the same.

Possible but not probable

Kenyatta and Moi would have had him for lunch.

Anyway Mboya was too crafty and both sides could’ve eliminated him. What is also said is that Kenyatta was visibly angry about TJ’s assassination.

The public execution of TJ seem to be a means of sending a message ‘kwake na wengine kama hao’. You don’t shoot someone on then Government Road in broad daylight unless you are making a point. Very few individuals had the means to procure such an execution in 1969 so for now we can eliminate the usual: wife, family, girlfriends, business partners and fellow trade unionists. Do we know what TJ was up to in 1969? Why 1969? Why not 1965 or 1970? Swali nyeti hizi. A scan of newspapers 3 months prior and 3 months after his execution would be able to pin point the main actors and their motives. The urgency, viciousness and public nature of this execution suggests that the gains thereof may have been immediate or were to be realised in the short term.

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Just chambua the infomishen and bring it here…:frowning:

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Tom Mboya was not Luo.

The tussle between TJ and Jaramogi went this way. After Lancaster, TJ became the darling of the west. So much so that some in those quarters thought that TJ would make a great head of state. In comes Jaramogi with his new proclaimation, “No independence without Kenyatta”. Note, this proclamation was meant to knock TJ off base since he was a legislator from Nairobi whose base was predominantly mountaineers. So TJ was knocked off that ladder and lived to fight another day. His opportunity came in the early 60’s when TJ and Njonjo, in concert with others, crafted the ‘ceremonial vice presidency’ that Jaramogi ascended to post-independence. They crafted it in such a way that it gave Jaramogi the semblance of power but in actual fact, made him a paper tiger. The VP was not elected, could not ascend to power in case the president died/was declared unfit to serve and had no concrete role in government. Despite protests from KPU, the ceremonial VP position was created as envisioned by others to suit their political interests (centralise power and manage potential power seekers). That is why the Odingas never seem to favour TJ. He did to them what they did to him. Interestingly, the same thing happened to Jaramogi’s son, Agwambo, whose ‘Kibaki Tosha’ moniker made a king but years later, had to settle into the amorphous Office of the PM. History has a way of repeating itself. What I’m trying to say is that elimination of TJ does not seem to serve the interests of the Odingas. TJ alikuwa ndani ndaaannniiii on matters succession and was the de-facto leader of Kanu B, a sub-group of KANU with a more nationalistic outlook than the kitchen cabinet that Kanu A stood for. Like Kanu A, Kanu B was positioning itself in case Mzee went to be with the gods following his heart attack in '66. No other groups were relevant during the Kenyatta succession. Eliminating TJ wouldn’t have put Jaramogi at the helm of Kanu B and that being the case, TJ was more of a political adversary than he was a threat. Halafu, Jaramogi was not an assassination kind of guy. That was not his modus operandi.


Alikuwa mkamba?


Please educate me…Asante in advance