(TOL) Alcoholic drinks to assist get bomb ass P

Wakubwa,I’m on leave na mambo ya SCOK haileti shangwe. I have a week of bumming around and I wan to use that time very constructively.

And by constructively I mean kunyandua bomb ass P na kuponya hangover for the entire week I’ll be home.

So which alcoholic drinks do I consume to increase my libido?
Been taking whiskey of late but it brings about sleep and lethargy rather than the energy and razzmatazz to hit P.

Brandy inazima Stima kabisa so don’t even recommend.

Should I start doing wine? Ama guineas, things I don’t like. A bird whispered Remy Martini is good as a libido booster for gents.true?

For the ladies at least I know guarana, electric ginseng , amarula/baileys… I’m sorted. Unless kuna poison ingine sjadiscover which in case hook a brother.

TOL (Thinking Out Loud)…

just be yourself and concentrate on fucking the ass.mambo ya booster wachana nayo

Mkojo ya punda. Thank me later.

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maybe wine or water juice is your thing.

Umenikumbusha nko na leave imebaki mahali ya 19 days. Naona pia nkichukua wiki moja kwanza though nategea mtu flani amalize mtihani.

Kwa kinywaji mimi natambua yohana mtembezi, JD… na pia Richot kama budget yako kidogo… although naturally, alcohol stiffens my member.

Uko na 3k?


haha.kwani hauongezagi bei ata wakati wa baridi mummie


:D:D:D Niko sorted mammi… But wakati huo mwingine I’ve known where to first look.

Yohanna sio mbaya…

Alafu pris advise poison of choice!! Ni gani ukikunywa ama females …lazima wavae panty kwa kichwa?

Shika veve nusu kilo kata steam na Nusu Richot ama guiness nne kisha elekea kwa akina Bae.
Remember ukichonga meditate on the act and safisha macho kidogo hapa kule and you good to go.:smiley:

Just eat well and exercise, hio ingine ni kasheshe tupu.

enda panga laini alafu weka chini ya kitanda ungoje ichache

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Jager bomb

K is constant!

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:(:(:frowning: you’d have cum in under 2 mins anyway! Pussy so good!


A little alcohol of any type may give you the confidence and relieve tension during sex, leading to better performance. However, alcohol of any type in excess will have a depressant effect, thus making you underperform or even render your member not to rise to the occasion. Another factor is whether your stomach is full or not, alongside your general health. All said and done, practise safe sex my brother!

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