"O Lord, why do you cast my soul away? Why do you hide your face from me?" - Psalm 88:14
Unlike all the other Psalms, “Of lament” (crying out to God), Psalm 88 does not end with the resolution, “I will praise the Lord,” or a similar statement. The last word of this Psalm, in fact, is “Darkness.” Sometimes, pain (physical or emotional) can be so overwhelming that all we can muster, like the Psalmist, is our complaint to God. We feel surrounded by darkness. Even in that, however, we can know God still hears us. He has given us Psalm 88 to remind us in the midst of our agony, he pays attention to us. Jesus, while being tortured on the cross, and in the depths of crippling anguish, still cried out to God. God, our Father, listens.
Today’s Prayer:
Heavenly Father, Your concern for us exceeds anything we can imagine. Help us to remember to cry out to You when our world is crumbling and we are at our wits end. Amen.


Blessed weekend too :slight_smile: