Today's verse.

Apologies for bringing neno la siku abit late… nilikuwa kortini. be that as it may, here we go…

‘But I trust in your mercy. Grant my heart joy in your salvation, I will sing to the Lord, for he has dealt bountifully with me! – Psalm 13:6’
Psalm 13:6 discusses trusting God’s unfailing love and praising His name. A person with a grateful heart never fails to praise God. Praise Him today. Play your favorite gospel song on your radio, simu, MP3, computer, whatever pleases you… etc. and worship Him. Pick up your guitar, na kama hauna, piga makofi, or any instrument and sing out! Give thanks to God because He has been good to you. Start the day with a song of praise. It’ll brighten your day and at the same time bring gladness to the King . Baraka.