Todays Proverb

Kari mata gatiagaga wa kuga
*.Literal translation: The mouth that has saliva does not lack words.
*.Contextual note: The proverb means that the man who has something to say will say it.

but a cautionary note follows…
Kagutui ka mucii gatihakagwo ageni…
(The family oilskin is not shared with visitors)

Cia mûciî ti como

What is the significance of those signs above letter “u” and “I”? What difference would it make if you ommited the signs?

The pronunciation.

í is pronounced like “ay”
Ù is “oh” e.g your name will be “mùndù”

Kikuyu lesson 1. @Mundu Mulosi
Your teacher is gd, very gd.
Uliza swali ingine

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