Today's bets, sure win 100%

For all who follow my predictions, wekelea kila kitu kwa hizi game.

Caution, you can stake on individual game or if you combine make sure it’s as I have put it.

Good luck elders!

@hakimoto and @Sokwe mtu watakojolea thread lakini msibabaishwe. [ATTACH=full]341034[/ATTACH]

chonjoh kihìì

Sokwe wewe, wapi odds zako?


Bet safi…someone anibuyie astropay card

Tume stake

Bado mnalipa TAX :D:D:D:D

Mtu awekelee 10 mil halafu alete hekaya.



Kondoo niaje

What’s the outcome?

Fulham v Southampton (Southampton)
0 : 0

Leicester 2 - 2 Mancester United (Over 2.5)

Karibu zikunywe maji:D

£10m !! the bookies will mind fuck you especially
in a international platform kama Skybet

Wewe hulipi…?How elder…?

Tumia 1Xbet unadeposite via ASTROPAY na unawithdraw Via ASTROPAY completely free.

How exactly do I get astropay ama kama unatumia android enda playstore download apk.

tried a vpn still can get through to 1xbet

did you try using the astropay what your experience mimi nime deposit kwa account yao lakini Bado 3+ hrs does reflect they are negative reviews about them should have checked them first