Today Mbusi and Lion had a caller who was sleeping with his real mom

I am not complaining because I know someone will tell me to change stations or wear headphones or something.
I am just informing you how rotten one of our radio channels are.
Hizi ratings wamezitafuta kwa bidii sana to the point nothing is too extreme.
Imagine if TV had such a show?:eek:

Siwezi sikiza Mbusi, radio inakuwanga Ghetto Radio, Bonoko and Bling wako juu.

Nilikuwa mahali nakula na walikuwa wameweka that channel. Hata mimi ni mtu wa Bonoko na DJ bling

scripted shit

Mbona DJ wengi wa Reggae huwa wakamba?

Thats what we call searching for ratings.

That must have been Panyaste. Why listen to crap. Even when I used to use public transport I never listened to Maina and Kingangi headphones and a book was all I needed. What is your excuse? Kenyans love filth. That is why it gets ratings.No need to imagine Jerry Springer and Maury Povich TV shows cater to the demented masses.

Ni hiyo restaurant walikuwa playing that radio. The other eaters were okay with it so nikaona let me just finish and leave in peace.

Nimenotice hiyo kitu. Someone will offer an answer

I can’t stand bonoko(yes I know his background, thanks), dull, monotonous and keeps on repeating one or two phrases every other minute, every day, every week, every month, every year for years now.

Nakuanga vybes radio Sana Sana

Nani huskiza radio siku izi?

Walinyonga Xfm yangu

na cc watu wa kameme tuko sawa na kiengei, kihenjo, man saimo na kata and the entire crew!no scripted dialogues…jst real talk …real mathekania

Controversy pays. Just be controversial, you will control the airwaves. Just look at Willy Paul, Moses Kuria, Nyakundi etc

No. You have not listened to him proper. Hana thought line KABISA… Floats half of the time KABISA…
But sometimes flashes of brilliance…KABISA.
Bora kitunguu inuke lakini…na take huamsha hats neighbours

Kuskiza Mawe

Mbusi ni shiny eye.

Anko wewe ni mtu wa rock kama mimi?

Mbusi sio DJ