Today I've learned something

Was watching this Idnian documentary on discovery called dangerous borders…

At some point they featured a street in Pakistan called BUMBASA STREET (after Mombasa)…here a number of black people who say they hail from mombasa kenya reside … they have completely adapted to the Pakistani lifestyle since they settled in Pakistan many centuries ago but they still can sing Swahili songs…
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What else?

There are a group of Kenyans in Lamu who claim Chinese ancestry. Go figure.

Isn’t that a common thing. We always learn though…

In Minnesota, USA, there are blacks from Kenya who’ve completely adapted to that place. They even shake their heads to rearrange their hair least it blocks their line of vision.


Phew ! ! ! That’s the most irritating group of Kenyan you will ever meet.


I see that shit all the time in Nairobi. I can’tell help but burst out in laughter.


How different are they from other Kenyans who have settled in other parts of Murica?

Uongo si nimeona matiang’i hapo

Snobbish, compounded with alot of complexities. Pray, u don’t get one married to a jungu.
Enyewe ujinga ni kipawa, kuna Manzi wawili wametoka mtaa moja, pale .ke. in fact, they schooled together in primary school, and they both attended the same secondary school, pale ocha. So, the two knows each other well, hadi familia.
Both are in the same state, and have been here for sometime. It just happened that, one of them had to go visit, so, the friend sent her home.
Shockingly, when this lady got home, she went to her friends home, and all along was addressing her Mum’s friend in English. Shaking her head, and pushing her artificial hair out of her face.


Walienda uko which year?

Two years ago

Well that is the difference of what am talking about here…am talking about people who settled in Pakistan in 15 century

Are you telling us that they have been alive since 1400’s?


:D:D:D:D:D… I would bitch slap that stupidity out them.


@0%_Omera = @Dereva :smiley:

Phew ! ! !Not at all.

ooops, meant engineer @inzhener otmetka = @Dereva

Hekaya ziendelee kukuja

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