Today in History

On this day,53 years ago, Kenya officially became a one party state after Ronald Ngala announced the dissolution of his party KADU in parliament.

A constitutional amendment allowing Kenya to become a republic on 12th Dec 1964 , was also passed .

The amendments paved the way for the devolved powers,which were initially vested in 7 regions, to be placed in the hands of the central government.

During the session , Ngala crossed the floor of the house to the wild cheers of members and shook hands with Kenyatta.

“I have a full mandate to declare the official opposition dissolved and that KADU now joins the government under the leadership of Mr Kenyatta,” Ngala said.

“I have taken KADU into the government fully aware of the challenge facing Kenyatta and East Africa today.”

He said :" Kenya would now face issues with one voice and resist strongly new forms of colonialism and adopt a policy of non-alignment."

Ngala appealed to Members to forget past hostilities between KADU and KANU, and unite to build the nation.

But my History Teacher told me Kenya became a de facto one party state on that day, not de jure!

Then Kenyarra aliiba