Today in History

On this day ,39 years ago, the Tanzanians warned Idi Amin that he would regret " the day of his maximum madness" after the Ugandan leader made good his threats and annexed parts of Tanzania’s Kagera area.

“We inform the nation and the world at large that new Uganda/Tanzania border is now up to River Kagera [inside Tanzania]. The captured territory will be made a full district of Uganda soon, although the army occupies it temporary," Amin announced .

He added, “All Tanzanians in the captured area up to River Kagera must know that they are under the direct rule of the Conqueror of the British Empire, Field Marshal Amin. However, they will be treated as brothers and sisters of the people of Uganda.”

In the first confirmation of the attack Radio Kampala said in a special announcement that the invasion was ordered by Amin and the National Defence Council as a retaliatory measure for an alleged Tanzanian attack into Southern Uganda.

It also said that Amin had sent two appeals for Mwalimu Julius Nyerere but recieved no reply.

Ugandan troops numbering about 3000 supported by tanks and heavy artillery had chased the retreating Tanzanian troops through Minziro , Kakunyu and Mutukula areas and advanced as far as Kyaka.

Prior to the invasion, three planeloads of Libyan soldiers had arrived in Kampala to help shore up Amin’s forces.

How does a country benefit by acquiring parts of another country? Especially if the area acquired has no minerals or other easy wealth?

Or in the case of kenya, what loss would be there if we divided the country as proposed by some members of RWNBP team?