Today exactly 21 years and 1 week ago..conspiracy theorists kujeni

Tupac Amaru Shakur together with Death Row records CEO Suge Knight stopped at the traffic lights in Vegas. Another car with two ladies stopped on the side and the girls asked Tupac which club he would be that night so that they can join. It was the fight night for Iron Mike so the city was in a party mood. Kidogo kidogo while still at the traffic lights another car pulled on Tupac’s side. Then the ting went skrraaah pap pap pap pap pap, skidipap andaboombom boomboomboom. Pac was shot. He “died” 7 days later.

Years have passed but Pac’s mum says the son is alive. Suge Knight said that too. Conspiracy theorists believe Pac is alive. The person who cremated Tupac disappeared thereafter.
Nobody saw the body.

Tupac’s stage name was Makaveli. The name came from Italian war strategist Niccolò Machiavelli who pretended to fake his death.

At the age of 25, Pac achieved what every rapper can dream of. So is Pac alive or not? Conspiracy theorists kazi kwenu.


Pac lives in our hearts

Yes he is alive. Si anatoanga tu mahit ata saa hii

Dead and gone away.

Tupac’s story is interesting. When hip hop evolves from gangsta rap to crunk to trap he still churns out hits. How does he do that?


He would be how old today? 47?
Give me any rapper who is churning out hits at this age.
Even Snoop Dogg and P Diddy are already in oblivion.
Verdict: Tupac is gone.

21 years, time flies fast. Pac was the thing. Rumors has it thoughn that Surge shot him, in anticipation of selling his records.

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Hova is still churning hits.

Lil half dead killed Tupac for stealing the song Brendas’ Got a Baby and for having his bodyguards beat him to near death in Nevada.

Tupac is still alive

Nicollo Machiavelli was not a war strategist, he was actually a coward. The letter he wrote THE PRINCE(titled and published by others after his demise) was actually a suck up to Prince Lorenzo the magnificent of the Medicis. There was nothing machiavellian about machiavelli

If they never buried the body/cremate…wait did they even see it first of all…if he is alive whats the end game after all?

Just visit celebrity death pictures uone vile Tupac amefunguliwa kifua as they conducted postmortem

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Nini hii tena Mr. Pilot:D

For those that still believe tupac is alive

Hova is shit

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Pac is gone. if I had to list the list of people I suspect to have ordered the hit, in order of likelihood, it would be:

  1. Suge Knight- Pac wanted out and he was the blood of DRR.
  2. Bad Boy (BIG & . Diddy)- E/W coast beef
  3. CIA/ FBI - Pac’s message was awakening the hood. musical Malcolm X.
    4.Lil Half Dead in collabo with Suge- ati Pac stole his song- Brenda got a baby.
  4. Suge’s wife- divorce was pending and she could have got the company.
    All I am sure of is that the man is dead. The personality of Pac could not allow him to go underground for whatever reason.
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Iron Mike ni nani ? ( asking for vijana walizaliwa 1999 kina @Jimit


Mike Tython