Today Baba blames The Military



next ni Embakasi AP camp

Kesho ata blame DSTV

He can as well blame me and say they were transmitted from a server in my toilet

hehehe. they already blamed NTV for not airing news favorable to them. maybe they will blame DSTV for not showing their rallies.

Ukifungua TV ni raila,redio ni raila, nkifungulia Facebook ni raila,nkifungua tweeter ni raila naogopa kufungua fridge aki:eek::eek::eek:

Next atasema nilipeleka kura yangu statehouse personally. Hio itakuwa own goal. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

By the time TMT retires 26th Oct he will have made enough enemies to last him till he goes to his maker.

Kwanza hio jina yako ya mtandao

Kidogo kidogo utaskia anablame KTALK slogan RWNEBP

@Female Perspective i hope this is not you:D:D:D:D


When HIV/AIDS was rampaging throughout the north, east, west and south, nobody talked about anything else. International prayers were held, people committed suicide, and others tried to crawl back into their mothers’ wombs. So you see being mentioned is not necessarily a good thing especially when you are considered a nasty infliction. They’ll talk about you until the day they get rid of you permanently or some omnipotent power rests you.

Organisations, companies and people that do not want Rao to be president: Police, military, NTV, IEBC, Safaricom, Morpho, Al Guraij (sp), Chiloba, Isaac Ruto, Munya, Otuoma, Githeriman…

NIS, IGAD, International observers, dissenting judges…