Tobacco farming

Wadau, do we have any one that has attempted to farm tobacco? Especially in South Nyanza.
I understand Alliance one/Mastermind/BAT do contract farmers to grow for them.
Anyone with an idea on process/returns, etc.

Contract farming in KE = Poverty x 10


i know a guy reaping well from this , dont know how he does it but vile naona, he is not over-ambitious anachezea tu hapo hapo

In tobacco or another crop. Could you please explain further?

It’s a good industry but needs a lot of work!

You should understand that there are some crops that are ilegal to plant. Tobaco is one of the types of crops that should not be allowed to be planted openly. If I were you, I could have even stopped to think about that enterprice. I know that my answer is very shameful, but that is the way. You may not buy my idea but you should know that plantation tobaco is never right. You should think of things like sugar cane which is allowed because of the benefit that they behold. I think, tobaco growing will bring shame on you. The best solution is keep away from farmers who are interested in growing of the tobaco

Well it has a decent return, not crazy profits, the companies have their preferred variety of tobbaco, just like tea they keep control on seeds, fertilizer and anything sprayed on the crop, if I am not wrong they supply the seeds and inputs the farmer puts in the sweat, you have to harvest and dry the leaves well, after which they give you your money minus their input.
To get in you have to be in the tobbaco belt and each company has it’s territory, if you are out of this areas try farming it for private use or start producing cigars, they are worth more.

Very true.

Alliance one closed it’s operations in Kenya…not sure with BAT and Mastermind

Mastermind was the biggest raw tobacco buyer until KRA brought them down

They controlled over 80% of all tobacco sales

Malakisi in Bungoma County used to be tobacco’s hub back in the day. Shida ni eti tobacco ina kazi mingi sana post harvest.

Been to a tobacco farm once . That thing should be outlawed, pronto . Nothing else grows on tobacco-land . The chemicals that thing emits,kills everything around it … There are no weeds/pests. Nothing! Smokers beware