To younger 20-something men craving female "companionship."

To younger men craving female “companionship.”

We get it. Part of you wants to believe in the fantasy. The fantasy that says, she’ll be accepting, giving, loyal, loving, and yes, sexual. Sexual to you and you alone.

You’re young, and naturally crave being close with a woman. How can you look at her mannerisms, her sexually arousing curves/feminine body, her sweet, high pitched voice and not want to believe the fantasy. How can you not want her?

Even if you haven’t been laid yet, the porn you’ve probably surfed on the net helps feed the fantasy…

Well, I’m well into my 30’s and can tell you right here and now…
Mother nature (your testosterone) is compelling you to see what she (Mother Nature) wants you to see, to feel what she wants you to feel. But her agenda isn’t for you to have a “loving, lasting relationship” my young Brother.

Mother Nature’s a BITCH, and her agenda is quite simple. She is creating this physical, psychological trap inside you for the sole purpose in achieving her relentless goal to get you to PROCREATE. To make babies and perpetuate the species.

However, all you’re sensing, all you’re feeling is the groaning desire for the sex, love, companionship and life-long pair-bonding YOU WANT TO BELIEVE THIS CREATURE CAN PROVIDE.

Mother nature, again, the BITCH that she is, is cold as they come. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about hypergamy, horrible divorce law, shitty economies and of course, women’s insidiously callous darker nature.

So how does a young man survive this inner-conflict?
There’s NO EASY, NO COMFORTING ANSWER. But, here’s a couple suggestions:

It’s ok to date women, to have fun with them. After all, it does indeed feel great to lay naked with a woman, smelling her scents, to feel her body against yours, fucking and getting a nice sloppy BJ on a hot February morning. Hell, even to just to hold hands and cuddle in front of a movie.

But make no mistake my young Brother. All of those sweet things listed above ARE FLEETING. THEY NEVER LAST. EVER. SHE WILL USE THESE TO HER ADVANTAGE OVER TIME, GUARAN-FERCKING-TEED.

Again, go ahead and date, get laid, but don’t fall into her (and Mother Nature’s) trap.

She will try and use her sexuality and affections to trap you into marriage. The first few months, you’ll be in pussy heaven. You may even start thinking she’s “different.” This is where you need to watch your ass.

Always remember. Women are CREATURES OF SURVIVAL and will engage in shockingly callous behaviors to secure their survival agenda, even in our modern time when her survival agenda isn’t needed. It’s just hard wired in. She’ll always be looking for a “better deal” (50% of women in all relationships admit having a back up man they’re grooming, just in case).

As hard as it is to fathom, a woman, once she’s done with you, will gut you in divorce court, devastate you psychologically and walk away without a care in the fucking world. No remorse, no guilt, zero fucking shame. The seemingly sweetest of the sweetest women do this.

This isn’t malicious, it’s hard-wired in. Getting mad and hating women for their darker survivalist nature is like hating sharks or scorpions for theirs. Complete waste of energy. Just suck up the cold, hard truth and act accordingly.

Speaking of sharks, considering getting married is like considering diving into a lagoon full of sharks, wearing a wet-suit made out of flank steak. At the urging of the delusional herd and testosterone coursing through your body, you somehow hope you can enjoy a nice swim and not end up crawling onto shore with the 50% of other dipshits with arms and legs bitten clean off.

Hell, even if you don’t get bit (divorced), how fun is it perpetually treading water with eyes in the back of your fucking head, constantly dodging those insidiously snapping jaws (shit tests, demands and nagging)?

Women will scream until hell freezes over they want a “nice guy.”
It’s complete bullshit. Date women, but instead of the being a pushover, “nice guy.” Be the “lovable asshole.” That unattainable guy that plays his cards close to his chest. She’ll bitch, moan and cry to her friends how she can’t get you to “open up,” which really means she can’t get you under her control. While this does drive her nuts, however, it also makes her sexually engaged. She’ll keep right on sexing you up to try and suck you into her velvet trap.

Use this to your advantage, but remember to respect Mother Nature for the cold, calculating BITCH she is. Don’t get sucked in. Don’t fall in love with a fantasy that will never come true.

Have friends, have hobbies, enjoy women for who and what they are. Have a “plan” for you and own it. Everyone loves a “man with a plan.” Just don’t get sucked into the marriage trap.

Sometimes all what a young man needs is to get burnt a few times so that he can come back to his senses.

Young men don’t listen to this homosexuals advice get married as early as possible get kids as early as 17 years . get as many kids as possible . your legacy is your kids

You can die any day any time it is wrong for your lineage to be erased from earth


Aptly put… Wacha niongeze some audio from the Legendary Patrice O’neal to reiterate your points bwana @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii


Young men should marry. However, they should be extremely selective about who they marry. That is my opinion.

Mariage is like a business. Huwezi sema hutawahi anza biz juu ya risk. At the same time, kuna risks not worth taking. The best you can do is marry but minimize those risks by being more selective when finding a wife. That way you minimize the risk, hata kama you dont eliminate it. Kusema hutaoa ni kama kusema hutawahi endesha gari juu unaogopa accident. At the same time huwezi risk kuendesha gari inaslip brakes.

Leta hii criteria yako ya 'selectiveness"

Boss. Sijui kila kitu :smiley: Just go with what fits you. There are some values you have and expect from a woman and cant compromise on. They differ for each man.

Ni wapi kumeandikwo lazima uoe ndio uzae? Brare fool. Furthermore kids are a huge responsibility and can turn out to be thugs, addicts and drunkards

The more dark triad you are, the more it will be difficult to love women and the more it will be driving women nuts. Women are Machiavellian in nature and if you master the art of a machiavellian, no woman will ever manipulate you.

Would u drive a car whose chance of killing you is 50%? I bet not. Let me tell u, 50% of all marriages finalized after 2015 will end up in divorce. 70% of all marriages after 2025 will end in seperation/divorce…but hey, u can flip the coin

Mimi husema kitu kimoja,if u cannot keep/find a woman when you are in the trenches ( below 25 years and with nothing to your name), then you have no business getting married. Any marriage/union that you get into after the first flashes of success is doomed to the darkest pits of hell. Hio ni ukweli mtupu. Young men tafuteni waschana when u have nothing, rock bottom is the best time to sift them.

Over 90 percent of all businesses fail. Yet you still run a profitable dropshipping business. You took a bigger risk starting that business. The presence of risk did not deter you. You simply minimized that risk by educating yourself about the business. Avoiding risk entirely is not a strategy.

Were you raised from a single dad family ?
Am starting to think…mwaga ndani kama umeenda

Two homosexuals @Azor Ahai & @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii giving advice about women?

Young man, respect your step-father.

Business is not a venture where u involve half of your family, friends and your entire lifetime in. Biashara ikikataa u just cut your losses and move on. You can do this as much as u want. Moving on from a legal union is not that easy or without complications. At the end of the day marriage gives a man very very little to begin with!

No respect for faggots umbwa ghaseer maliar takataka SWINE

Would you put your savings in a bank that has a 50 % chance of failing?
Why get into a binding contract - with a person and enforced ruthlessly by the state- that has a 50 % chance of failing? Doesn’t that indicate poor judgement and decision making on your person ?

This is solid advice, acha wenye maskio waskie. My biggest beef with marriage today is that the society expects men to trade the best years of their life ( between 28 and 48 when they have a combination of money, youth and sexual potency ) in exchange for a woman’s diminishing and worst years of her life ( late 20s and beyond ). Kama huniamini go and propose to a pretty, voluptuous 20-year-old in 1st year student uone vile atakudharau ata kama uko na pesa kuliko Kirubi, why? She knows that she is at the peak of her life! Why would she exclusively reserve for you her one single shot of high-value feminine currency?? BTW most girls at this stage will rarely if ever think of anything as remotely as marriage. The need to get married only creeps up on them when it hits them that they won’t always be attractive and tantalizing. THIS SHOULD TELL U SOMETHING!

The same chic akifika 32 will now expect an unsuspecting man to give up the best years of his life in exchange of a used-up puthy, erratic fertility and saggy breasts. Bad, bad deal if you ask me. Why would you struggle to make all that cash just to burn it on the altar of a woman who wouldn’t give u a second glance when she was tight at her prime at 22? Wewe huoni unachezwa?

Wanaume muache hii neediness, work on your game, go to the gym and travel regularly kama unaweza. You will be surprised by how much the world has to offer out there.

ION: I have talked to many older men in their 50s and 60s and most of them keep wishing that they had figured out a way of having and raising kids without necessarily getting married.