To whom it may concern...

Please, avoid the new Samsung Galaxy a51. We bought one from a shop in Nairobi exactly 9 days ago. Today it is kaput, or what would you say if your phone vibrates for a day and a half nonstop? It just started vibrating suddenly by itself after charging for over an hour plugged to it’s original wall charger. Tried rebooting and all, it would not stop. Other functions it does, including placing and receiving calls, but you cannot communicate well because of the vibrations. Needless to say, it becomes as hot as hell!

Oh! Actually it’s 7 days days after purchase, since the vibration started on the evening of Saturday!!! Left to vibrate until the power drained and tried to charge again. Waapi?

Uko sure huku uziwa clone?

River road pia ni cbd

Samsung Galaxy a51, not a damn clone! Do you even know that phone yourself?

Iko na waranty of course, ama?

Some people are so idle. Some just find themselves commenting for the sake of it! I

Yes, it has. That’s why I won’t expose the shop, a reputable one, as yet to avoid jeopardising the process.

If you bought it from a reputable shop then there is something called warranty…but kama ni hizo clone za River Road…pole mdau.

Na kama iko na warranty and they’ve agreed to look into it, why are you ranting?
Phones are man-made, one out of many may fail the grade test and that’s why it has a warranty. Unless the problem was from your end, they’ll repair or replace it

Iliguza maji?

Boss a phone is a man made product. Man made products are prone to errors.

I know it.reason I am asking you that is there are many people selling clones in this Nairobi.some of the shop attendants don’t even know kama wanauza original ama clone. But kama uko na warranty pray they honour it.

Hizi phone za non-removable batteries zilikuja pia na challenges zao. In the past you’d just disconnect the battery and that would solve most random problems.

Warranty, bla bla bla!
I am only giving out some caution.
This is a very new and raw product, it came out in the latter weeks of last December. It’s specs are more attractive than it’s predecessor, the the A50 so one might be tempted to pick it, naturally, rather than the other one. I know about warranties and I already talked with the shop who asked for the phone to be returned. But I thought that if all of you are like me and you hate the unpleasant instances when you have to answer silly questions, you would appreciate if I gave a review so that you don’t have to experience it.

But, someone said kirindi kiaremire musa!!!

labda ni refurb. hizo ndio zina hizo shida. since Kenyans are cheapskates they want premium phones at sufferer rates. kisha waamini ni mpya ju box ni mpya na accessories. 1gen za hizi simu huwa na those defects,zinatupwa Kenya because hakuna quality checks. laptops, screens na simu ndio culprits.
pole though


Mara refurb, mara clone! Must one comment, even when it’s not necessary?

Samsung Galaxy A51 - Full phone specifications


Boss. Acha porojo mob. Rudisha phone kwa duka ungojee. I dont know why you being all emotional. Simu huaribika, unless you are trying to tell us that Samsung manufactures defectfull gadgets , of which 99% of peeps on ktalk will disagree with you.

Basi hungepost.watu wanatoa maoni yao alafu wewe unabehave ni kama uko na periods tucker tucker.

Is it that necessary for those vulgar insults?
But if it makes you happy, well, suit yourself.

vile @Jimit amesema hapo juu kama phone imespoil irudishe kwa shop mahali ulibuy. si ati ukiambiwa kitu hapa unaanza kujam bure kama dem akona periods