To What Extent Would You Assist Your Ex-girlfriend Financially?

Last week a buddy’s girlfriend broke up with him over ‘flimsy’ reasons: eti he’s nagging, calls and texts her too much like she has time to chat all day, didn’t give her his time or at least a gift on Valentine’s…Their relationship was just a month old. The nigga akajaribu kuteta kidogo na kuongea sense but damsel akasema she’s not interested in him anymore. So jamaa akaamua sawa! So he’s not called or texted her and wants to ‘heal’ and move on. Problem is the kipusa texted him yesterday afternoon asking him to assist her with some cash so she can go to hospital. He sent the dough! Then last night she called him saying she’s missing him. Jamaa anashindwa nini mbaya na kipusa. He listened to her, said nothing and dropped the call. Baadaye she texted him that afadhali hangemcall, coz he didn’t say he misses her too. The lady keeps borrowing money from him. Dame ako insecure yet she’s the one who booted him. The guys is now ignoring her calls and texts, and she keeps asking, Kwani uko date? She’s childish, I know.
What would you do if you are in such a situation?
Would you help her, and to what extent?

She is using his hope of getting back together and his hang ups of the past to keep him sending money and to feed her ego.

Ambia rafiki yako amwambie he’s on to her awache upussy or if he’s a pussy/if she keeps calling, let him block her number.
[INDENT]This should be obvious :eek:[/INDENT]

I will maintain 0 contact with any ex girlfriend leave alone one that thought I was not worthy of her anymore. I value my peace of mind greatly.

Zero extent. Even a mere GF its still Zero extent. In money matters I think like a cold blooded killer.

Mimi nashangaa what’s wrong with your friend?

[ATTACH=full]159573[/ATTACH] Mimi hapa nashindwa vile nitacut costs nikule pesa ya construction, wewe bado unajifanya cupid. Utawahi nukisha kitunguu kweli?

You have a foolish friend if its not you

Ukosawa kabisa brathe, nipe ka tender ka ku supply tiles and the rest

Mind your business

men a re very pussy sometimes.
Why keep calling and texting a woman you provide for. if she thinks you are something she should come over there and talk to you and at the same time wash your piston.
Si ati slayqueen anakutext na amelala kwa kiti ama ako mahali akipeana mushene. na text zenyewe ni ujinga. na siwewe tu. when she is texting you from her place, there are a hundred other suckers trying to impress on phone. When slayqueen is a distance away, you have got the pistol and she got the rifle. when she is near(with you), you have got the rifle and the pistol she has got nothing.

To no extent. Used goods are used goods.

Very wise words there.Hata mimi niufikiria hii mambo.Since you are providing for her.She should be the one contacting and following you after ameingia box.Hii wisdom nitaanza kuitumia.

2018 ni hard on hoes na jama is trying to be
and he is only bieng a simp to be

This is a no brainer. NEXT.

huu wimbo wamfaa sana huyo rafikiyo…uwepo wa huyo dem ni sawa na mwiba kidoleni

How old are they?

Next atakuwa analipa pesa za chama, salon na rent

Communication is key in a relationship. Kujuliana hali na GF ama bibi mchana mkiwa kazi ni kitu kizuri. Upus ya kusema ati wewe ni provider pelekeni huko mbali kabisa

I hope the building won’t collapse.

He is the kind of guys that do not know their worth! Bullshitting cuck. He needs a real beat down