To u Techno music fanatics

This is a very rare mix I had lost it en searched all over the net bt sikuipata…juzi nikaipata frm some old HDD I had disposed.
Enjoy it

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Nobody listen to techno - Marshall Mathers, 2002

I do…I listen to all kind of music… Btw hio Marshall Mather 2002 ilikataa Ku torrent…no seeders

Hiyo album ni Eminem Show, 2002

Marshall Mathers LP ni ya 2000

Very young fella!

Toa uzee hapa


Niko na albums za Eminem zote n i listen to em frequently.

Ni ngoma zipi hizo nijue kama i can tolerate em?

Na pia i prefer Electro-House na maybe Progressive. Techno is not my cup of tea maybe those chillstep Dub

Just download u will like it I knw

techno was good during tiesto time but right now ni house esp progressive

Hahaha:D:D:D najua wengi mnangoja saa nne ifike

saa nne nini hufanyika?

Erico wacha ntaiskiza brathee

Nightshift bundles ama

night shift… never have i ever thought about it[ATTACH=full]5528[/ATTACH]